On Tik Tok, What Does Abo Mean? Abow Definition From The Urban Dictionary And The Most Recent Style

On Tik Tok, What Does Abo Mean?

The usage of the uncommon terms Abo, Abow, and Avow has become popular on TikTok. What do these words actually mean? A bow or avow is slang nowadays.

Every day, a large number of phrases and songs gain widespread popularity. The term Abo, which may alternatively be spelt Abow or Avow, is now going to be spoken.


After being adopted by a large number of social media users, mainly TikTokers, this peculiar yet catchy phrase has entered the hot list.

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What Does “Abo” On TikTok Mean?

On TikTok, the meaning of “Abo” seems to convey people’s emotions. Even a hashtag for Abo on TikTok has amassed over 500 million views. Additionally, about 55 million people have viewed the Abow hashtag.


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The phrase or song that was used on TikTok, according to Sports Keeda, was borrowed from the song Throw It Back, which was performed by the up-and-coming musical groups ShantiiP and TarioP. The music video for the aforementioned song was posted to YouTube on December 26, 2021, and it astonishingly gained over 160k views in only one month.

As indicated in the words to Toss It Back, he instructed me to throw it back a bow. Additionally, the song cited earlier had multiple instances of the phrase around. The Urban Dictionary has multiple definitions for the word “Abow.”

According to the first description provided in April 2021 by a user going by the moniker of To Katt bre, the term is slang for “wow” or “damn” in the Swedish suburbs. The Urban dictionary also provides a statement or an example to help clarify and corroborate the aforementioned description. Did you see the game last night? That was crazy. This is how the sentence’s previous word is presented.

As stated in the definition above, a bow communicates strong feelings. Also said there are additional interpretations. Abow is the phrase Milwaukee residents use while they are going high, according to Niya The Baddest’s article.