Noah Thompson, the Winner of “american Idol,” Is Married or Not?


Noah Thompson won American Idol by “aw, shucks’ing,” in the words of Luke Bryan. The 19-year-old singer, who won American Idol Season 20 on Sunday, May 22, captured the hearts of the audience with his raspy voice and modest demeanor.

Noah frequently mentioned his family, notably his gorgeous young kid, during the entire season. Thus, a common question among followers is, “Is Noah Thompson married?” Here’s what we do know.

Noah Thompson, is he Married?

Noah’s connection to his Kentucky hometown is one of the most important things to remember about him from American Idol. He discusses his infant son Walker and his grandma Karen frequently on the program.

Noah Thompson, the Winner of "american Idol," Is Married or Not?

Noah stated in the show, “My son, who is just seven months old, is young. My little son, who I only just became a father to, is the source of all of my motivation. I can’t believe I’m even here because this might give my son a new, better life.”

Even though Noah and his baby mother aren’t married, they have been dating since at least 2018, and Walker is now just over a year old. His high school sweetheart, Angel Dixon, is Noah’s girlfriend.

2019 saw them go to prom together before they subsequently became parents. Angel supported Noah throughout American Idol, and now their relationship will shift irrevocably.

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Is Angel still dating Noah Thompson?

Despite not being married, Noah Thompson adores his girlfriend, Angel Dixon. No rumors about the couple’s split, adultery, or argument have surfaced as of yet. They appear to be having a happy and contented life together.

Noah Thompson, the Winner of "american Idol," Is Married or Not?

Noah, the winner of American Idol season 20, comes from a bad family. Even though they later remarried and had additional children, his parents split while he was still a little child. Nevertheless, Noah learned more about love from his parent’s relationships and seems to be really in love with his Angel.

His parents are from Ohio, although they currently live in different places after divorcing. In addition, his mother is presently a single woman.

How did Noah Thompson and HunterGirl interact?

Season 20 of American Idol included finalists Noah Thompson and HunterGirl. Many people believed the pair had a connection because they were fairly close during the competition. As a result, dating speculations from fans and the media surfaced as a result of their relationship.

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Noah Thompson, the Winner of "american Idol," Is Married or Not?

They are merely “friends,” according to Noah, who has refuted the claims. According to various stories, the couple never intended to date or have a “real-life relationship.” In a TikTok video, Noah goes even farther to refer to HunterGirl as his “best buddy.”

Music partners HunterGirl and Noah Thompson

At some time while competing on American Idol, Noah needed a friend. Hunter accepted the position and supported him the entire time. Around the Top 24, the pair grew close.

Regardless of dating rumors, Noah and HunterGirl recently revealed their intention to embark on a joint tour. From Columbus, Ohio, on October 27 through St. Louis, Missouri, on December 2, the tour will be in full swing.

Noah Thompson, the Winner of "american Idol," Is Married or Not?

Noah took first place in the 20th season of American Idol, with HunterGirl coming in second. The two engaged in fierce competition and collaborated on several occasions both during and after the series. They are a great pair and have shared the stage in a number of concerts, but there are no romantic ties between them.

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