What’s All the Fuss About on Tik Tok, 163 Year Old Man?

What's All the Fuss About on Tik Tok, 163 Year Old Man?

It’s very uncommon to see all kinds of things become viral on the internet, particularly on social media sites like TikTok. And just last week, a video that went viral on TikTok sparked many rumors and conjectures.

Recently, a video of a man with the purported age of 163 years old on TikTok became popular on the account @auyary13. Despite the fact that videos had been submitted to the account since January 2022, attention to the profile only began to grow in February.

The 163-Year-Old Man’s Secret Exposed

It appears that his granddaughter, who has posted a number of such postings, is the TikTok user who had been uploading videos and audio clips about the alleged 163-year-old guy. Rumors, however, that the guy is 163 years old are untrue.


  • Although the man in the popular TikTok videos is indeed a monk, he isn’t 163 years old.
  •  He is actually Luang Pho Yai, a 109-year-old Thai man.
  •  Furthermore, rumors concerning his age and his involvement in the practice of Sokushinbutsu are untrue, despite the fact that he looks to be a monk from Thailand based on his costume.
  • Yai’s videos on TikTok are managed by Ayuary, and fans have gone bonkers over the man’s videos, making wild assumptions about his age and other details. Some others expressed their fascination with the “163-year-old monk,” while others made fun about it.
  • The guy may be seen in some of his most popular films either lying down on the hospital bed or having a conversation with his granddaughter. And millions of people have seen these films.
  • The most popular video shows a man sitting on a bed and placing both of his hands on a little child’s head. Over 10,000 comments have been left on one video alone, which has had over 74 million views.
  • There is no doubt, however, that the guy is not 163, given that it is physiologically impossible for a person to live longer than 120 to 150 years. Therefore, you shouldn’t believe everything you read or see online.

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As of 2022, Juan Vicente Pére, Who Is 112 Years Old, Will Be the Oldest Person in The World.

The 163-year-old guy from Indonesia’s Central Java has been in the news for some time. When you’ve (allegedly) gotten to an age where most people can’t even imagine it, it’s difficult not to.


According to Mbah Gotho, who lived to be 146 years old before passing away in 2017, patience is the secret to a long life. We’re going to clear up a few of the misconceptions and conflicting messages around this story right now since there are so many of them.

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He Has the ID to Back It Up, Even if His Age Hasn’t Been Fully Established.

It’s difficult to determine exactly when Mr. Gotho was born due to documents from that era.

His purported birthday is December 31, 1870, according to an I.D. card he received from local Indonesian officials in 2014. However, he and his family were unable to obtain the proof they need from Guinness World Records or any other comparable organization.


The 163-year-old guy was refused any type of official recognition as the eldest man in the world because he lacked independent, third-party verification from an international source. Even if it’s regrettable if he really was born in 1870, this is typical in cases like these and is also acceptable from the standpoint of preserving public records on a global scale.