What was the Main Reason Brooks Ayers Have Cancer? Everyone Wants to know this Heartbreaking Newzz?

Did Brooks Ayers Ever Have Cancer for Real?

Brooks Ayers from “the Real Housewives of Orange County”… Who Is He Again?

The RHOC cast first met Brooks when he was revealed to be Vicki Gunvalson’s long-time beau. The couple apparently began dating in 2011, and their on-screen relationship followed a fairly standard trope for the show.


They had a rocky relationship and broke up for the first time in 2013 due to their disagreements, but they reconnected after Brooks claimed to have stage III cancer.

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Brooks Ayers, Did You Ever Really Suffer from Cancer?

Brooks revealed his diagnosis of stage III non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s on the 2013 Real Housewives of Orange County reunion show. In 2016, it was claimed by several sources that Brooks had asked Vicki to keep the diagnosis private.


  • There was a lot of attention paid to Brooks’ health on Season 10 of Real Housewives of Orange County.
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    Other RHOC cast members were skeptical of Brooks’ cancer diagnosis and suspected that he was making it up to continue on the program.

  • After first “vehemently denying rumors that he was faking having cancer” in September 2015, Brooks stood by his account when he talked to Entertainment Tonight in January 2016.
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  • When asked about the criticism he’s received from his co-stars, Brooks stated, “I think they do it to generate drama — manufactured drama and that’s terrible to me.” “I’ve put some distance between myself and it. It’s a pointless drama that’s causing unnecessary stress in my life right now. There’s nothing I need to escape from.”

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The Cancer Diagnosis, However, Was Proven to Be False by Brooks Ayers only A Few Short Months Later.

An explosive story from E! News suggested that Brooks had been lying about his cancer diagnosis. As it turned out, he wasn’t actually getting medical care at the City of Hope hospital.

Representatives at the hospital have confirmed that no one by the name “David Brooks Ayers” has ever been treated there and have pointed out inconsistencies in the documents he previously published, which he claimed were invoices from the hospital.

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Brooks admitted in November 2015 that he had fabricated his “cancer” diagnosis.

“I am so sorry that I lied and made up documents to ‘prove’ to people that I had cancer that I can’t even put it into words.

It’s unacceptable that I acted the way I did. Without Vicki’s knowledge, I produced evidence for a reality TV program in an effort to dispel skepticism regarding my disease “The statement was made at the time to E! News