Is Selena Gomez Pregnant? How True Is this? Putting an end to the Internet Rumor

Does Selena Gomez Have Pregnant?

Selena Gomez has been a household name for longer than any other major star, and she has never lost her cool.

Only Murders in the Building has given her exposure to a whole new demographic as she portrays the young professional trapped between Steven Martin and Martin Short.

Fans were pleased to see the program return for a second season, but some of them wondered if Selena was pregnant.

Could Selena Gomez Be Expecting a Child?

Selena Gomez is probably not pregnant, despite persistent rumors to the contrary. The myth appears to have been started by her clothing choices in Only Murders in the Building Season 2.

She has made no social media announcements to this effect.


  • Throughout the first episode, Selena is seen wearing a variety of baggy hoodies and sweatshirts, causing some to speculate that she may be trying to hide a baby bulge.
  • Many speculated that she was pregnant based on the blocking and clothing she wore, but she has made no statement to confirm this, and it has probably been many months since these scenes were shot, so if she were pregnant, the public would already know. So, it’s probably safe to state that Selena isn’t pregnant, despite rumors to the contrary.

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These rumors about Selena are not the first to surface.

Pregnancy rumors are nothing new for Selena, and neither are the ones surrounding Only Murders in the Building season 2.


She last had to cope with pregnancy rumors over a year ago, when some of her TikTok videos led some of her admirers to speculate that she could be expecting.

She was seen in the video, in a sweatshirt, dancing to the song “Baila Conmigo,” which instantly sparked speculations.

If Selena had been pregnant a year ago, she would certainly already be a mother. These rumors are largely unfounded as well, much like the present set.

There may be a sizable fan base rooting for Selena to become a mom, but if and when she does, it will be on her own terms, not anybody else’s.

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In The Discussion of Her Future Plans, Selena Did Not Bring up Having Children.

When Selena was asked where she saw herself in 2020 by Dazed, she did not hint that she was anxious to become a mother at the age of 37.

Does Selena Gomez Have Pregnant

I intend to continue performing charitable work at the same time as continuing to enjoy the things I do today. It will also, I believe, come as somewhat of a shock. “But I do hope that I am really fulfilled and contributing positively to the world,” Selena remarked.

Perhaps having children is still in Selena’s future, but she appears to have other priorities right now. While rumors of her pregnancy will undoubtedly come and go, Selena is now concentrating on her career and charitable efforts.