Using TikTok, What Does the Term “pinned” Mean? how To TikTok Use This Salient Feature?


Despite the large selection of other social media platforms, TikTok offers a number of characteristics that set it apart as the favorite app of Generation Z. That does not mean, nevertheless, that it cannot benefit from some technological advancements.

With one such new tool, it has added to its toolbox, “pinning,” the platform exhibits its adaptability. What does this “pinning” feature actually mean, though? It applies to both commenting and pinning videos on TikTok.

What Exactly Does “pinned” on Tik Tok Mean?

The term “pinned” on TikTok might refer to one of two things.

Using TikTok, What Does the Term "pinned" Mean?

Creators may “pin” films to the top of their TikTok profiles using the app. They may also use it to add comments at the very top of their videos.

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What Is the Pinned Video On Tiktok?

When someone asks you to watch their “pinned” video, they are referring to the film that has been pinned to the top of their profile.

Look at the screenshot that follows.

You can see that this author has pinned two videos to the top of his profile in the image above.

Using TikTok, What Does the Term "pinned" Mean?

The app’s default ordering of videos is in chronological order, new to old. However, the “pin” feature allows producers to promote a certain piece of content above all others.

Because it provides visitors a “taste” of their finest material, many people will position their most popular films at the top of their websites.

When someone asks you to watch their “pinned” video, they are referring to the film that has been pinned to the top of their profile.

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How to make a video on TikTok “pinned”

The good news is that setting a pinned video couldn’t be simpler.

Using TikTok, What Does the Term "pinned" Mean?

Follow these easy methods to push your AAA content to the top of the list:

  • Start the app.
  • To record your material, click the red “+” button at the bottom of the screen (or choose pre-recorded video saved on your phone)
  • Post the video if you’re happy to share it.
  • Going back to your profile
  • Open your video after finding it in the stream.
  • Activate the right side of the screen’s three horizontal dots.
  • Choose “Pin” from the options shown, and your movie will be posted right to the top of your profile!
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