What Is Penuma Implant? Why its So Costly?

What Is Penuma Implant?

The Penuma Implant: What Is It?

Penuma is a soft silicone implant that is surgically placed into the penis to add girth, correct abnormalities caused by indentation, or augment the appearance of a retractile penis (a penis that partly sits below the surface of the skin).

Similar to the materials used to create chin and buttock implants, medical-grade silicone is utilized to create the Penuma implant.

The implant is placed subcutaneously, which means it is placed beneath your skin but above the tissue that supports the function of your penis.


  • Penuma isn’t intended to cure erectile dysfunction or provide your penis more functionality, unlike some other items on the market, and isn’t intended to be an inflated penile device or prosthesis.
  • It is a cosmetic item instead. This kind of silicone implant from Penuma has been available since 2004 to lengthen and enlarge the penis.
  • It has reportedly been used by tens of thousands of men and was created by a group of “world-renowned” urologists and scientists, according to Penuma.
  • So, precisely how does Penuma operate? The silicone penile implant is carefully implanted under the skin of your penis through a tiny incision made close to your scrotum after being customized to fit your unique penis shape.
  • Little to no visible scarring is left behind following the treatment, which is carried out while the patient is under general anesthetic, thanks to the tiny incision made for the implant.
  • Your penis’ tissue is effectively “wrapped” by the silicone implant, adding additional bulk that is often noticeable while flaccid or erect.

    It’s essentially a penis cosmetic treatment.

  • According to Penuma, men who have the surgery often experience a one to two-inch increase in girth both when they are flaccid and when they are erect. Additionally, many men claim that the implant lengthens their flaccid penis.
  • Your capacity to utilize your penis for non-sex tasks like peeing or your ability to be fertile as a male are unaffected by the FDA-cleared influence. It is also covert; the majority of individuals who undergo the surgery indicate that their spouses are unaware of it.
  • Exclusively a few doctors perform this kind of surgery, and Penuma is now only accessible there. Penuma lists doctors who specialize in this kind of cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Washington, D.
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    C., Phoenix, the Bay Area, New York, Louisiana, and Miami.

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Does Penuma Lengthen the Erect Penis?

Your penis’s internal tissue is effectively “wrapped around” by the Penuma implant, which acts like a sleeve to expand the size of your penis.

Due to the way it is made, it may also lengthen your penis while it is flaccid, or when it is not erect.


  1. But the Penuma implant doesn’t truly lengthen your erect penis, thus it’s not a real genital enlargement procedure that will add any more inches to you.
  2. The physiology of your penis and the design of the implant are the main causes of this. You see, the corpora cavernosa, which are spongy tissue chambers in your penis, swell during an erection.
  3. The increased hardness and penile size you experience when you are sexually aroused are the consequence of these chambers expanding when blood rushes into your penis.
  4. In the majority of cosmetic surgeries to enlarge a body component (such as breast augmentation), a surgeon removes tissue and inserts a silicone implant to provide extra size. The additional breadth or protrusion is provided by the implant.
  5. Because the spongy tissue needs a network of blood arteries to become engorged, big, and hard in the first place, this technique doesn’t actually work for lengthening your penis, though. If your goal is to improve your appearance, it’s simple to interfere with how your penis works.
  6. The Penuma implant may fit into your penis without causing any disturbance to the intricate erectile tissue and vascular because it just increases girth.
  7. The disadvantage of this is that while it reduces girth cosmetically, it does not significantly lengthen your penis while it is erect.

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Do Penuma Implants Pay Off?

So, if you’re not quite content with the size of your penis, is penile implant surgery like Penuma worth getting? The truth is that it actually relies on the reasons behind your initial decision to get a penile implant treatment.


  • This isn’t the product for you if you’re seeking for something to support your wilting willy and offer you better erections.
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    Penuma implants are only for appearance and function; they have no appreciable effect on your performance.

  • It is only if you already suffer from a psychologically induced form of erectile dysfunction, such as sexual performance anxiety brought on by feelings of inadequacy, that this type of procedure could have an adverse effect on your performance (more specifically, your capacity to obtain and maintain an erection).
  • In that particular situation, a little bit of additional bulk could be a nice confidence booster. But it is by no means an operation that a doctor would advise you to have, and you shouldn’t think about having it done carelessly.

Penuma Implants’ Price

It is uncommon for cosmetic surgery to be inexpensive, and the Penuma implant is no exception.

The price of having surgery with a Penuma implant varies depending on your region, healthcare provider preference, and other elements, according to the Penuma website. The Penuma implant treatment, however, “often costs roughly $16,000 to $18,000” in total.

What’s the Process for Getting Penuma Implants?

You must be at least 21 years old to receive a Penuma implant.

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Additionally, you must fulfill a number of other safety requirements, which your doctor will go through with you before accepting you as a candidate for the procedure:


Most men can walk following the procedure, said Penuma, the manufacturer of the implant. The majority of the time, you can leave the hospital the same day as the operation as long as you agree to many follow-up appointments with your surgeon to discuss your recovery and outcomes.

Your penile swelling after the operation is typical.

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After the procedure, you must wait a number of weeks (usually six weeks) before engaging in sexual activity again with the consent of your healthcare professional.

Complications and Risks of Penuma Implant Surgery

The Penuma implant operation is not an exception to the general rule that all surgical procedures include some risk.

Complications from this kind of operation are relatively rare, however, they can be reduced with the proper pre-and post-operative care.


  • Seroma (a buildup of fluid inside the body), the formation of scar tissue surrounding the implant, and the potential for infection are all potential dangers and consequences connected with the Penuma implant.
  • Many of these risks—including excessive scarring and infection—are common to many surgical procedures, not only penile surgery.
  • According to research, Penuma implant problems are often rare. The most frequent issue, seroma, was reported by less than 5% of study participants, and a lesser number of patients experienced additional postoperative issues.
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  • The Penuma implant had to be removed in less than 3% of patients who had surgery for it because of problems or other negative outcomes.
  • In investigations including the Penuma implant, none of the patients reported any unfavorable changes in erection quality or general sexual function.