All About The Real Life ‘Van Wilder’! Deeper Look at The Life, Career, and Family of Comedian Bert Kreischer.

All About The Real Life ‘Van Wilder’!

Just who Is Bert Kreischer?

November 3rd, 1972 saw the birth of Bert Kreischer in Tampa, Florida. He attended Florida State University (FSU) for a staggering seven years after graduating from high school, where he established a notorious reputation as a party animal and a failing student.


Kreischer’s well-known comedic performance includes the line, “This is how lousy a student I was,” It took me three lessons before I recognized that I had signed up for a Russian class rather than a Spanish one once, assuming it would be the latter.

Bert Kreischer: The Undergraduate, a 1997 piece in Rolling Stone, featured Kreischer as a result of his growing notoriety for leading a carefree life.

He was referred to as “the top partyer at the Number One Party School in the country” and other examples of his outrageous college activities were detailed in the article.

Is Bert Kreischer’s Life Adapted in “Van Wilder”?

Ryan Reynolds plays a party-loving seventh-year college senior in the riotous comedy Van Wilder, which was released in 2002.

This movie’s initial script was influenced by Bert Kreishcher’s 1997 Rolling Stone feature, so if the narrative seems similar to you, it probably is.


  • Why then does the film not have the title, Van Kreischer? Or how about Bert Kreischer’s The Undergraduate? Kreischer said during a guest appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast that although Oliver Stone’s production firm first optioned the Rolling Stone story, the script was passed around a lot and ultimately turned into a National Lampoon’s comedy with a new name.
  • This meant that neither Kreishcher nor his family received any compensation for his work on the film.
  • The comic admitted to Joe Rogan that while he possibly could have filed a lawsuit against the production firm, he ultimately chose against it because he didn’t want it to harm his budding stand-up career.
  • You have the option of being the plaintiff who chooses not to work or the defendant who chooses not to sue. He questioned, “Which one are you?

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How Does the Family of Bert Kreischer Look?

Although Kreischer has a reputation for being a wild man, he has adapted to a rather conventional family life.


The pair has two kids, Georgia and Ila, and has been married to LeeAnn for almost 15 years. Kreischer stated in a 2014 interview, “We live quite simply. Two girls live with us in a two-bedroom home.

We are not the type of individuals who would say, “Alright, time to acquire a mansion,” despite the fact that it is incredibly wonderful and has grown in value.

What Is Bert Kreischer Doing Now?

In addition to hosting the popular podcasts 2 Bears 1 Cave with fellow comic Tom Segura and Bertcast, Kreischer is also the presenter of the popular Bertcast podcast.

He is also preparing for his forthcoming Berty Boy Tour, which will include events across the nation until the end of 2021.

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  • The Cabin with Bert Kreischer, a five-episode reality series showcasing the comedian hanging out in the woods with some of his funniest pals, and his 2018 comedy special, Secret Time, are both available to view on Netflix right now.
  • Additionally, you can see Kreischer host the Go Big Show on TBS, a competition program with a high-profile jury that includes Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles, Cody Rhodes, and Snoop Dogg.
  • The program, which was recently taped in front of a drive-in crowd during the epidemic, is somewhat akin to America’s Got Talent on steroids and features outrageous, risk-taking performances contending for the $100,000 grand prize at the finale.