Is “Squid Game” Is Real Game? The True History Behind It


Squid Game, a smash hit on Netflix from Korea, is about the desperation of surviving in a system that is stacked against you if you’re at the bottom and the dark labyrinths of the human psyche that cause us to become strangers even to ourselves.

The Squid Game itself is indeed graphic, but the show’s intricate “real life” games may be its most unsettling elements.

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the originator of the Squid Game, battled for ten years to have his idea realized. Years of rejection later, his show’s premise became more appealing to producers because to the global circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 epidemic.

It has undoubtedly paid off, as the program has touched a nerve with the general zeitgeist and prompted many people to wonder, “Is the Squid Game Real? Could the Squid Game actually occur?

Is Squid Game based on a real-life Story?

Squid Game is not based on a factual story since no one has ever been forced to play kid games that are deadly in real life.

Instead, author Hwang Dong-hyuk drew inspiration from Japanese manga and anime, with themes of survival striking a chord with the writer-director amid a precarious financial situation.

This led to the creation of an allegory about modern capitalist society and the rivalry it fosters. Dong-hyuk, however, claimed that the title and suspenseful final challenge of Squid Game were inspired by a beloved childhood game that was mostly accessible in Korea.


  • In a press conference held online, Hwang said that reading about survival games in comic books gave him the idea for the software.
  • He claimed that the reason it took him so long to come up with the concept was the difficulty he had in finding talent and funding in the late 2000s.
  • “It was uncomfortable to think that a game-winning player may get wealthy. Concerns were raised about the games’ violence and cruelty. I had to put the hypothetical situation on hold.
  • Over the subsequent ten years, however, circumstances shifted, and Hwang discovered that his idea was well-liked.
  •  Finally, he made the choice to turn it into a Netflix series. When asked why he named the program Squid Game, Hwang responded that it was his all-time favorite game as a child and he loves how physically demanding it is.

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What do Squid Games in Korea entail?

Although Squid Game portrays squid game in a distinctive way, the game itself is real. The real-life Korean Squid Pastime was a well-liked kids’ game in the 1970s and 1980s.


“A kind of tag in which the attack and defense utilize a dirt-drawn squid-shaped board,” is how it is described.

The Creation of Squid Games

Hwang Dong-hyuk created the Squid Game. A portion of his personal life inspired the script. not participating in the game shown in the series.

Is "Squid Game" Is Real?

however, the financial struggle. Additionally, the series nearly didn’t exist. Studios initially objected to the story’s concept. People disliked the series because of its brutality and cruelty. The concept was reconsidered and endorsed after COVID, though.

The Shadowy Corner

Squid Game is about more than simply violence and materialism. It explores what happens to people when their lives are miserable.


Each character in the series has a history of financial ruin to some extent. Some people become murderers when they are promised an absurd amount of money.

Some of them do, however, still exhibit humanity. And some people are nothing more than con artists. Sad to say, you don’t always know who is who until it’s too late.

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Psychological Rollercoaster

Not only is Squid Game a series. An experience it is. You feel sad for the characters occasionally. Others make you want to punch them. Even at the conclusion, you feel mixed emotions and wonder.

What the hell was that I just watched? however, not negatively. If there is a Season 2, it will be interesting to see. There is room for more because of the cliffhanger at the end. Are you prepared for the game, that would be the question? Netflix is currently streaming Squid Game.