Kevin Bacon’s age when he starred in Footloose!

Kevin Bacon's age when he starred in Footloose!

Childhood and Education

The sixth child in a close-knit family, Bacon was born and reared in Philadelphia. His father, Edmund Bacon (1910-2005), was an urban planner who spent many years as the executive director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and wrote the influential book Design of Cities.

His mother, Ruth Hilda (née Holmes; 1916-1991), was a teacher at an elementary school and a liberal activist.


Bacon completed both his middle and high school education at Julia R. Masterman High School.

Bacon received a full scholarship to the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts at Bucknell University in 1975 when he was 16 years old. He studied drama there for five weeks under Glory Van Scott. The encounter strengthened Bacon’s love of the arts.

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Private Life

Kyra Sedgwick and Bacon have been wed since September 4, 1988. On the set of Lanford Wilson’s play Lemon Sky’s PBS adaptation, they became friends.

When I hit what I thought was the very lowest point, Kevin has said: He said that he had married, had children, and that things were going well.

Remember Ariel from 'Footloose'? Here's Lori Singer more than 30 years later

And since I could keep myself alive, I had steady strength.

Sedgwick and Bacon shared the screen in Pyrates, Murder in the First, The Woodsman, and Loverboy. Travis Sedgwick (born in 1989) and Sosie Ruth, their two children, are their only children (b. 1992). On Manhattan’s Upper West Side, they reside. Bacon dated the actress Tracy Pollan for five years in the 1980s.

Bacon has spoken in favor of the separation of religion and state and declared in 2005 that he does not “believe in God.”

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Kevin Bacon’s age when he starred in Footloose

The enduring appeal of “Footloose” is discussed by Kevin Bacon. Bacon said, “I played a 17-year-old when I was 24.” Under the guise of “Ren McCormack,” a transfer student from Philadelphia, Kevin Bacon, then 24 years old, enrolled to Payson Utah High School.


In order to get ready for his role, with the principal’s knowledge. He had a new-wave haircut and a slender tie. Similar to how he was presented in the movie, Kevin was treated.

Does Kevin Bacon still dance like he did in Footloose?

Speaking of that iconic warehouse scene, you might be shocked to find that Kevin Bacon didn’t perform all of the dancing alone.

In spite of doing part of his own dancing, the actor used a dance double, as he acknowledged in a 2013 interview with Howard Stern.

In addition, Is Caddyshack where Footloose Is set?

Nobody, even Kenny Loggins, predicted that the movie “Footloose” would become one of the year’s biggest hits thirty years ago.

The 1980 film “Caddyshack” soundtrack’s inclusion of the rock/pop singer’s song “I’m Alright” had made Hollywood rich, and the success of “Footloose” was largely due to his involvement.

What is regarded as the worst song ever written? The song “Friday” has been dubbed the worst song ever because of how poorly written the lyrics are and how much Auto-Tune has been used on the vocals.