On Tiktok, What Do “mutuals” and “moots” Mean? It’s a Sign Someone Want to Be Friends

On Tiktok, What Do

Slang phrases are ones that are used in casual discourse. In conversation, rather than writing, these terms are often used more.

Only your friends or your family members may use these words and phrases. This lingo, which can occasionally be difficult to comprehend, is widely used online.


On the TikTok platform, one of the most well-known slang expressions is “moots,” which has gained popularity. We’ll explain what “Moots” is in this article, so let’s go into the weeds and discover what moots actually mean on TikTok.

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What on TikTok does the term “mutuals” mean?

The abbreviation “mutuals” is “mots.” The word “mot” is a slang term for “social media followers,” and it refers to such users. You will be referred to as “Moots” by intimate friends and acquaintances.


This colloquialism is mostly used by those looking to connect online. Over 110.4 million people have already seen this hashtag. This term is common in Twitter apps as well as tiktok, so it’s not simply used there. On Twitter, it is frequently used as a slang term.

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Why do People Search for mutuals?

The explanation is fairly straightforward: Users on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter who have more followers typically receive more views, likes, and comments.

On Tiktok, What Do "mutuals" and "moots" Mean?

Nevertheless, gaining a sizable following can be challenging and time-consuming.

Users will try to bypass this barrier by promising a “follow back” in exchange, in an effort to hasten the process.