Teddy and Faye are still together after finishing third Season on “Love Island.”


Fans want to know if Faye and Teddy from Love Island UK season 7 are still together or if their problems were too much for their relationship outside of the villa after almost splitting up twice.

Teddy and Faye are Still Together

But first, for those who are unfamiliar with how Love Island operates, let’s go over how Faye and Teddy’s relationship now stands.

About ten single people are invited to a villa on a tropical island in the beginning of the reality television series Love Island, which had its UK premiere in 2005. The candidates are asked to form pairs shortly after they first meet.

Teddy and Faye are still together after finishing third Season on "Love Island."

The candidates must complete tasks and sleep in the same bed as one another as partners. More participants are invited to the villa as the season progresses, and those who have already been on the island must decide whether to stay with their present relationship or find a new spouse.

Love Island

Love Island is an American dating reality program that is based on the British series Love Island. It is also known as Love Island USA domestically and abroad beginning with season 4. On August 8, 2018, CBS announced and ordered the television series.

On CBS, it debuted on July 9, 2019. For the first three seasons of the show, Arielle Vandenberg served as the host. Starting with the fourth season, Sarah Hyland took over as host.

Teddy and Faye are still together after finishing third Season on "Love Island."

The program, whose second season start date was initially set for May 21, 2020, was renewed for a third season on August 1, 2019.

The manufacturing was, however, put on hold because of the continuing COVID-19 outbreak in the United States. With stringent quarantine regulations in place, the second season’s production was transferred to The Cromwell Las Vegas.

The big day was August 24, 2020. The show received a third season renewal on January 27, 2021, which was shot in Hawaii. The start of the third season was on July 7, 2021

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How did Faye and Teddy get along on Love Island UK?

One of the initial 10 candidates on Love Island UK season 7 was Faye Winter, a 26-year-old lettings manager from Devon. At the initial coupling, she got married to Brad, then at the subsequent recoupling, she got married to Liam.

Teddy and Faye are still together after finishing third Season on "Love Island."

  • On day 12, a bombshell member arrived in the form of senior financial expert Teddy Soares, a 26-year-old from Manchester.
  • Despite having ties to Kaz, Rachel, and Sharon as well as Faye, Teddy decided to be married to Faye at the next recoupling. Prior to week 5’s Casa Amor, when Faye received a postcard showing Teddy kissing another female, their love was strong.
  • Teddy returned to the villa alone at the conclusion of Casa Amor, staying true to Faye, while Faye reconnected with new lad Sam.
  •  Faye and Teddy clashed after the reconciliation because she thought he had been kissing another woman. Teddy clarified that despite kissing another female during a game, he remained devoted to Faye. The entire time he was in Casa Amor, he claimed to have slept alone in a daybed rather than with a girl.

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Are Teddy and Faye from Love Island UK still dating?

So, following Love Island UK season 7, are Faye and Teddy still together? Yes, it is the solution. Faye confirmed that she and Teddy are still together and would keep dating outside of the villa on her Instagram Story after the show’s conclusion.

Teddy and Faye are still together after finishing third Season on "Love Island."

Teddy and I recently received our phones back. We simply want to express our gratitude to everyone who has helped us.

We’ll all meet up with you in the UK! As Teddy gave her a behind-the-back embrace, Faye remarked in a video. Teddy’s action of sharing Faye’s video and tagging her served as further evidence that he and her are still together.

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