What Was Skilyr Hicks’s Cause of Death? How Did The Famous Judge On America’s Get Talent Die?


A young Skilyr Hicks, then just 14 years old, delivered her own song “Second Chance” for the famous judges on America’s Got Talent in 2013. The judges included Melanie “Mel B.” Brown, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Howard Stern. This great singer made it through the preliminary rounds but was cut just before the season’s live rounds in New York City.

A terrible death about 9 years later, at the age of 23, shocked fans, friends, and family of Skilyr Hicks. When she passed away, what actually brought about her demise? Read on for everything we know so far about the circumstances of her death.

Who was Skilyr Hicks?

Former “America’s Got Talent” contestant Skilyr Hicks. She has 359 Instagram posts, bringing her total to 2964 as of this writing. Auditioning for America’s Got Talent in 2013, she sang a song she wrote called “Brand New Day,” which ultimately advanced her to the show’s Vegas round.

Skilyr Hicks Cause of Death

Her 2018 Findlay, Ohio arrest for underage drinking was the result of a liquor control violation. She also has a channel on YouTube with over 5.03,000 people following it under her real name.

Skilyr Hicks, a 15-year-old prodigy whose songs and words have won the hearts of many, has a bio on YouTube that states, “Skilyr Hicks is a gifted singer/songwriter.” Skilyr’s love of music began at a young age, but it wasn’t until she was 13 that her acoustic guitar skills and incredible songwriting abilities were recognized.

Skilyr Hicks Cause of Death

She had no idea that the Christmas present she had received two years earlier would be the catalyst that would finally free her inner artist. She’d always had a musician lying dormant within her, just waiting to be reawakened. A year ago in November, she put on her acoustic guitar and begged to be taught the chords.

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What Was Skilyr Hicks’s Cause of Death?

TMZ broke the sad news of Skilyr’s death on December 6, 2021; they said she was only 23. Skilyr was supposedly discovered dead in a friend’s house, as described by Jodi, her mother. There was no mutually agreed-upon explanation for her death among her loved ones,

the police, or the coroner. Jodi mentioned that her daughter struggled with mental health difficulties like depression and substance misuse, but she did not specify what caused Skilyr’s death.

Skilyr Hicks Cause of Death

She went on to say that her daughter was loved deeply by all of her relatives and that Skilyr “will live on via her music.” Jodi also elaborated on how Skilyr’s music was a lifeline for the underprivileged during her lifetime.

What Happened to Skilyr Hicks?

Skilyr Hicks, who competed in America’s Got Talent season eight, has passed away. The Liberty region of South Carolina is where her body was discovered. Her mother and four siblings will miss her much. She was discovered dead on the floor of the restroom, according to a TMZ source.

Skilyr’s mother said that her daughter was struggling with mental health problems like depression and substance addiction. Jodi elaborated that Skilyr’s family, especially her siblings, adored her because of how she used music to serve the poor. Her mother has stated that her daughter’s music will have a lasting legacy.

Breelyn, her sister, wrote a Facebook message to her. She said that she was heartbroken and will miss her terribly and that she felt she could express her thoughts because of the day. She said that she would miss Skilyr’s “voice,

her lengthy warm hugs, and her continually cracking jokes using puns” and that Skilyr was a “very gorgeous, extremely talented, hilarious, free spirit of a sister.” The sister’s music “influenced countless of others,” Breelyn said.

She said that she and her best buddy were each other’s “rocks” and would do anything for each other. The note said, “She had so much life left to live,” as the author questioned how she would cope without her favorite singer.

Skilyr, you were a light that shone brighter than ever, her message said. She ended her letter to Skilyr with the words “Fly High, Little Bird,” expressing her hope that Skilyr would continue to be remembered for the music she had left behind.

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America’s Got Talent’s Viral Singer Skilyr Hicks

On the eighth season of America’s Got Talent in 2013, then-teenager Skilyr made her television debut. Second Chance was an original song she had performed. Sadly, she was eliminated before the final round.

Skilyr Hicks Cause of Death

The singer made headlines again when she was arrested for reportedly attacking three members of her family while intoxicated. Also, she was taken into custody for being an underage drinker. She used to perform her songs for YouTube viewers at home and at public gatherings.

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