Jen Blanco Photos Before and After Surgery! How She Looks Totally Change?

Jen Blanco Photos Before and After Surgery!

Jen Blanco, a 22-year-old American social media star, model, and actor known for her sensuous and semi-naked internet images, was born in 2000.

The Miami, Florida native who stands at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall and has a net worth believed to be over $700,000 has built a sizable fan base from individuals eager to see images that show off all her curves. Read more about her below.

Viraljen Tik Tok, Who Is He?

Jen Whiten is a female TikTok celebrity who has recently gained popularity for her stunning TikTok videos.

She may be reached on stage as @viraljen, and her TikTok account is verified. She is growing swiftly and has consolidated a sizable fan following on her TikTok username.

Due to the fact that she has just transferred 52 recordings, it appears that she just started using the TikTok platform.

Her first video was transferred in a fourth of the time. Be that as it may, she wasn’t initially considered as being particularly energetic on stage, but now that she is regularly transferring records, she is.

Jen Blanco, Aka Viraljen, has some Surgery

  • She appears to have had hip surgery performed by Viraljen.
  • As of right now, there is no source to back up this report.
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  • Jen Blanco had some surgeries of her body hip
  • The majority of the video focuses solely on her body parts.
  • 22 years old is Jen Blanco. Although her actual birthdate is still unknown, it is generally accepted that she was born in the year 2000.
  • We are unable to determine her zodiac sign since we do not know her birth month.


  • Furthermore, despite the fact that it is now usual for individuals to follow their astrological signs, the social media celebrity has not made this information public.
  • People engage in this behavior because it improves their self-awareness and helps them understand themselves better.
  • Studies have also revealed that astrology has a significant impact on a person’s self-concept and serves to legitimize it. Unfortunately, Jen does not seem to share this viewpoint or at least has not made it known to the general public.

Who Are the Parents of Jen Blanco?

Nobody is aware of Jen Blanco’s parents’ identities. Since there is no evidence of these items on social media, the Instagram celebrity seems to have made an attempt to keep them hidden. It is unknown what their names are, what they do for a living today or in the past, or if they are still alive.

This also applies to the specifics of her family, such as if she had siblings and whether her mother and father jointly reared her. Despite the paucity of knowledge about her background, it is clear from her appearance that she is Caucasian. She has also been recognized as being American in nationality.

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Jen’s Social Media Career Led to Her Being Well-Known.

Before 2021, nobody was familiar with Jen Blanco. She was a typical American girl going about her daily life when she made the decision to try her hand at becoming a social media star. As a result, nobody seems to be able to pinpoint her birthplace or the schools she attended.


The lady in issue has opted not to provide any further information.

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She has, however, discussed how she made a courageous decision to leave her minimal-income job in order to pursue her modeling goals. Jen said that, like other young people throughout the world, she had always wanted to be a model.

She read Vogue magazine frequently, which had a significant impact on the fashion and beauty industries.

Her closest friend encouraged her to pursue her goals despite her reservations by pointing out that social media was an excellent tool to utilize to get into the modeling industry. She decided to try it since she was bored during the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020.

She has had great success thus far. She had set up her social media accounts by 2021, where she posted popular videos.

On May 3, 2021, Jen Blanco published her debut TikTok video, which has already received over 18 million views. Since then, she has turned to YouTube and Instagram, where she has amassed a sizable fan base.

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Social Media Profiles and Followers She Has (Dec. 2022)

Viraljen on TikTok (2.8 million followers)

Twitter: @jenblanco (1 million followers)

Jen Blanco on YouTube (332 thousand subscribers)

How much money does Jen Blanco make?

The estimated value of Jen Blanco’s net worth is $700,000. Before opting to try her hand at the joys of social media, the TikTok star was earning the federal minimum wage.

She enjoys flaunting her luscious form, which has guaranteed that hundreds of people follow her online at all times, generating enormous engagement for monetization.


She not only uses Instagram and TikTok, but she also has an account on OnlyFans where it is rumored that she distributes x-rated material to anyone who pay to subscribe to her channel. Additionally, she offers her followers the ability to speak with her personally while receiving tailored material.

As there are no signs that she has done any high-profile modeling job, this is thought to be the main source of her wealth.

What Height Has Jen Blanco?

Jen Blanco is 1.63 m (5 feet 4 inches) tall, or 163 cm. According to the Center for Disease Control, who states that American women over the age of 20 are in that height range, she can be categorized as being averagely tall.

Jen has black hair and dark brown eyes. According to reports, she weighs 65 kg (143 lbs). Since she never publishes pictures or videos of herself exercising in the gym, it is unclear what she does to keep the weight off.

Regardless, we can all presume that she does something (either exercising or monitoring her diet) in order to be able to keep her body in good shape. We can all agree that Ms. Blanco does something to guarantee that she keeps her attractiveness since it takes a lot of work to have really smooth skin and a decent physique.

Is She Single or In a Relationship?

Jen Blanco is single. She hasn’t disclosed this information, therefore it’s unknown if she has a partner or not.

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We are unable to confirm whether she is in a loving relationship and has decided to keep this information secret.

Jen has not made any public revelations about her intimate relationship, as is customary for online celebrities. She has also kept her family’s identity a secret. She is the only person that appears in any of her videos.