On Tik Tok, What Does “jordan” Mean? “Biggest Inside Joke” Is Created By a User on The App!


“Jordan” is the newest lingo that TikTok invented. Below are explanations of what it means on the platform and how to utilize it.

Jordan is meant to be in on this elaborate inside joke that only TikTok users would get. You are truly a part of the TikTok community if you understand the meaning. Let’s find out what this slang means, then.

What Exactly does “Jordan” on TikTok mean?

Instead of the n-word, TikTokers are now using the term Jordan. Jordan Da Boo said that he would launch the “greatest inside joke on social media,” and that is when everything started.

On Tik Tok, What Does "jordan" Mean?

Although the incident’s footage was removed, its effects remained. Specifically, he said:

Jordan asks, “How have people already managed to destroy the inside joke? ” in the actual following video. Not even a day has passed yet. Additionally, this video has been removed.

Jordan created a slang version of his name so he could use it on TikTok.

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Why Do Users on Tik Tok Keep Shouting “Jordan”?

YouTube Jordan As part of what he refers to as “the largest inside joke on social media,” Da Boo sought to make the term “Jordan” more common on the app. Da Boo stated via subtitles in a since-deleted TikTok: “Use the term “Jordan” instead of the n-word.”

However, when the phrase gained popularity, the true meaning of the word “Jordan” came to light. As a result, Da Boo uploaded a second (also since removed) TikTok in which he bemoaned people for “ruining the joke.”

On Tik Tok, What Does "jordan" Mean?

The majority of users on TikTok, especially those of BIPOC backgrounds, weren’t amused by the joke. One TikTok user said that “white people wrecked it,” but other users believed Da Boo was to blame.

He “should’ve known that it was going to come out like this,” one user said, while another cautioned him that this “internal joke” may hurt his career.

In addition to removing the video, the comments were also removed.

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Jordan Da Boo: Who Is He?

Jordan Da Boo is a confirmed TikToker whose following on the app is exploding. The 17-year-old, whose actual name is Jordan Owens, has around 900k followers and a total of 33.4 million people have liked one of his videos.

On Tik Tok, What Does "jordan" Mean?

On his TikTok account, he is well known for his comedic sketches and lip-sync videos. What will happen to the “Jordan” inside joke is still a mystery, as is whether or not it actually faded out.

Why Do People Use the Word “Jordan” on Tik Tok?

Jordan TikToker Da Boo intended to increase the use of the term “Jordan” on the app as part of what he considers “the largest inside joke on social media.” In a now-deleted TikTok video with subtitles, Da Boo urged, “Don’t use the n-word. Use ‘Jordan’ in its place, please.

On Tik Tok, What Does "jordan" Mean?

But when the phrase gained popularity, the true meaning of the word “Jordan” became clear. Da Boo responded by making a second, now-deleted, TikTok post in which he claimed that people were “ruining the joke.”

How Can the Inner Joke Already Be Ruined?

In the captioning of the video, he asks, It has just been a few hours.

The majority of TikTok users, especially those from BIPOC backgrounds, didn’t get the humor. One TikTok user said that “White folks wrecked everything,” yet Da Boo was blamed by other users. He should have known it would end up this way, one user remarked, and another added that this “internal joke” may damage his career.

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