What Does DTB on Tik Tok Stand For? Why Its so Trending on Tik Tok?


TikTok’s millions of devoted fans are continuously coming up with new slang and fashion trends. It’s always fascinating to open the app and see what appears to be a completely new language being spoken in front of your eyes. If you find yourself struggling to keep up, you’re not alone.

Some TikTokers these days are a little perplexed by the most recent fad. Look no further if you don’t already understand what DTB implies. For the recently creating videos on TikTok who are saddened, here is an explanation of the newest linguistic trend.

On TikTok, what Does DTB Mean?

Recently, #DTB has been used in all the social media posts created by devastated girls. But what does it represent? DTB is short for “Don’t Trust Boys.” Sounds severe? But all the girls who struggle with trust have developed a vernacular to describe it.

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A user made it extremely apparent by sharing a video of her dancing in front of the acronym DTB with the message “don’t trust boys” clearly written underneath.

Another user used DTB to share a humorous video in which she smirked while touching a man’s chin. That amply demonstrated their unwillingness to place their trust in the man. The majority of the postings using the same hashtag provide an explanation for their lack of interest in males.

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What does DTB on TikTok stand for?

On TikTok, DTB frequently appears to stand for either “Don’t Trust Boys” or “Don’t Trust B*tches.” This phrase is frequently used when people are discussing their unpleasant dating encounters or expressing their feelings after being let down by a partner.

However, some people like to give this phrase a more healthy interpretation by adding the phrase “DTB except for…” to films where they then express gratitude for their present relationship.

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In rare settings, DTB might also imply “don’t text back,” however compared to the other meanings, this usage is far less frequent on TikTok.

On TikTok, there are countless slang phrases that are used often, and new ones are constantly being developed and becoming more well-known. If there are any frequently used terminology on the app that are confusing you, you may read our guide here to find out more information about them.

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