How Did ‘Sun Queen’ Maria Telkes Net Worth Affect The Global Community?

Maria Telkes Net Worth

Biophysicist and inventor of American and Hungarian descent Mária Telkes worked on solar power technology. Interested in a future in biophysics, she moved to the United States in 1925. After becoming a naturalized citizen in 1937, she went to work at MIT in 1939 to explore the potential of solar power.

Before graduating from MIT, Telkes invented a way to store solar energy in the form of sodium sulfate. She and architect Eleanor Raymond used a system of daily energy storage to create the first solar-heated house in the 1940s. In 1953, they created a child-safe solar oven for people of varying latitudes.

She innovated a process for farmers to use to dry off their harvests. In 1952, Telkes was the first recipient of the Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award. She received an award for her work throughout her career from the National Academy of Sciences Building Research Advisory Board in 1977. Telkes filed for patents on almost 20 different inventions.

Biography of Maria Telkes

Her given name at birth was Maria Telkes. On December 12th, 1900, her birth was recorded. Budapest, Hungary is the place of her birth. When she passed away, she was 94 years old. A Hungarian native, she passed away in Budapest on December 2nd, 1995. Her star sign, Sagittarius, reflected her adventurous spirit.


She identifies as Jewish and practices her faith. Nobody ever mentioned her background or race. As a dual citizen of the United States and Hungary, she can do both. In Budapest, she attended both primary and secondary school.

She is qualified and has a Bachelor of Arts in physical chemistry from Eötvös Loránd University (1920) and a Doctor of Philosophy in physical chemistry from the same institution (1924). Next, Telkes became a biophysicist at Westinghouse.

She expressed interest in a position with MIT’s recently established Solar Energy Initiative. She started working there in 1939 and remained until 1953. A member of the Institute of Energy Conversion since its 1969 inception, Telkes began working at the University of Delaware.

Maria Telkes Net Worth

She dove headfirst into reading up on solar panels. In 1971, she helped build the first home in the world to use solar energy for both heating and power. She gave the keynote lecture at the first-ever gathering of women engineers and scientists, held in New York in 1964.

What Is The Net Worth of Maria Telkes?

Net Worth $1 billion
Date of Birth December 12, 1900
Source of Income Physicist
Date of Death December 2, 1995, Budapest, Hungary
House Living In Own House.

Having amassed a net worth of $1 billion, Maria is one of the world’s most famous and financially successful scientists. After completing her doctorate in physical chemistry in her home country of Hungary, she moved to the United States to continue her research at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Career Details of Mária Telkes

Before immigrating to the United States in 1924, Telkes went to see a relative who was serving as the Hungarian consul in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Clinic Foundation then hired her to study the topic of how much energy is generated by living things.

Maria Telkes Net Worth

She wrote to MIT in search of employment in the institute’s recently established solar energy program. From 1939 until her retirement in 1953, she was an employee. After that, Telkes became a biophysicist for Westinghouse. She developed metal alloys used in thermocouples,

which convert heat to electrical current. Research undertaken by Telkes at the foundation led to the development of a photoelectric device that could record brain waves in collaboration with George Washington Crile. They also wrote a book together called Phenomenon of Life.

Maria Telkes, Did She Have a Husband?

Maria Telkes Net Worth

Telkes never married and had no children, which was highly unusual for a woman of her time, let alone a prominent scientist and professor. After living in the United States for the better part of seven decades, she finally returned to Hungary, where her immediate family still lived, when she was 95 years old. As she was visiting, she unexpectedly passed away.

Maria Telkes Changed the World in What Ways?

During World War II, Maria Telkes worked for the Office of Scientific Research and Development, where she invented a solar distiller that could vaporize saltwater and recondense it as drinkable water.

Maria Telkes Net Worth

How Did Maria Telkes Advance The Field Of Electricity?

Telkes’s contraption could collect the sunlight, store it, and then release it to the fans when they were in use. She took a chemical method of energy storage, crystallizing a sodium sulfate solution in order to store the energy from the sun.

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Why Google Honors Maria Telkes?

Maria Telkes, a Hungarian-American scientist, is well-known for her groundbreaking research on solar power. Telkes, who invented the solar distiller and the first household solar heating system, went away in 1995. On Monday, search results for Google were replaced with a doodle in her honor in 12 countries.