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What Does the Candice Joke on Tiktok Mean? Why its goes viral on tiktok?

What Does the Candice Joke on Tiktok Mean?

The viral challenges on TikTok are back, and the most recent one has us all wondering, “Candace Who?”

Across the last several days, the “Candice Died Today” joke—also known as the “Who’s Candice?” meme or the #CandiceChallenge—has taken over TikTok, but most users are still unclear as to what the joke truly means.

The joke’s punchline is not really disclosed in the Candice videos because of the way they are edited, which has millions of viewers searching the comment sections to figure out what the f*ck is really going on.

Here is all the information you require on (a) Candice’s identity, (b) whether or not she is genuinely deceased, and (c) the joke’s true punchline.

Who Is Candice Joke?

Regrettably, Candice Prank is not a real person; it was only a joke that unexpectedly went viral on TikTok.

By claiming to know someone named Candice, you trick others into asking you who she is.

You nail the joke when they eventually inquire about “Candice” and ridicule them for not seeing it coming.

However, the joke has changed into a bizarre new meme style as a result of TikTok users chopping the video before the punchline is said.

In conclusion, Candice is completely up to you.

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What Is the Candice Joke on TikTok?

To mislead friends and relatives, the term “Candice” is substituted for “Can this?”

Users of TikTok have been enquiring about “Candice” and her whereabouts from friends and relatives.

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When asked a question like that, they typically respond, “Candice who?”

The individual will then respond with something crude or humorous, such as “Candice fit in your mouth!”

However, many videos now end before the punchline is delivered, which has turned it into a TikTok inside joke.

Now that the joke has changed, individuals question their targets who Candice is before peering into the camera in black and white while ominous music plays in the background.

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