Who is Chris Beard’s wife? Her Age, Children, Job, Net Worth, Instagram


Basketball coach Chris Beard instructs players. He has coached Texas Tech University’s red raiders. He also dealt with the warriors from Little Rock, Mcmurry, Angelo State, and South Carolina. He became well-known in the public eye due to their success. People want to know who Chris Bread’s wife is.

He is currently divorced and unmarried. He did, however, spend a considerable amount of time with Leslie Beard. Leslie Elizabeth Lederer is her real name.

She was born in Woodland, Texas. As she is highly private and shields her family from the media, information about her parents and siblings is public knowledge.


At Mccullough High School, Leslie finished her studies. She is a 46-year-old single lady. She is highly brilliant and bright and has a degree from a public university in the United States.

The couple was adorable together and had children together. Sadly, they had to break up since the relationship didn’t work out. They appeared to be really satisfied and happy together.

What Does Leslie Beard Do?

Owner of the upscale jewelry boutique Space is Leslie. She has a highly prosperous retail and online jewelry design company. Texas is the location of her shop. In the past two years, there has been a significant increase in social media activity.


The company makes elegant jewelry for canines, ladies, infants, and houses. All of her designs incorporate their originality and inventiveness.

She has a $5 million to $6 million net worth. Her jewelry company and her social media endorsements make up it. Famous and elegant are the dog sculptures. The exquisite jewelry will be adored by the furry friend. The best companion of the pet owners has a new affection and gift.

On Instagram, Chris Beard’s wife has more than 25K fans who support and adore her jewelry.

Additionally, she frequently gives jewels and gift cards. The designer conducted herself professionally and built a respectable company and brand. She receives some alimony and shares some wealth with her spouse. She does yoga and exercise, and she is quite thin. She exercises after drinking her coffee by walking and doing yoga.

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When Did Chris and Leslie Beard Get Married?

After some time of dating, the pair was hitched on August 31, 1996, in Montgomery County, Texas. Three children have been given to them as blessings. Avery, Ella, and Margo are three lovely daughters.


  • They separated after getting divorced and took different trajectories. She keeps concealed from the media’s prying gaze. Life in the private sphere is kept private.
  • She recently started dating a man that she really likes. She expressed her satisfaction and appreciation for her present spouse in one of the posts. She emphasized the need for love and respect to be present in the relationship. All three of the daughters are kind and perceptive.
  • The couple started dating after they initially connected while in college. They appeared happy in their union. The reality regarding their divorce was somewhat startling to the fans. Although they have joint custody, the kids primarily reside with her mother.
  • Their union lasted for more than 20 years. Uncertainty surrounds the separation, but according to the reports, Chris currently dating Randi Trew. Chris and Trew’s engagement was formally announced in 2019. Trew is a volleyball coach.