How Much Did The Voice Band “Girl Named Tom” Earn in 2022?

Girl Named Tom Net Worth

Having made it to the finals of The Voice, Girl Named Tom has amassed a considerable fortune as a result of their successful music career. Learn all about them right here! In the musical world, Girl Named Tom is a trio. Bekah, her brother Caleb, and her brother Joshua are all members of the musical trio.

The three-piece band has made it to the finals of “The Voice,” one of the most-watched music reality shows on television. Girl Named Tom, meantime, has made TV history by being the first duo to ever make it to the series’ final episode.

A girl named tom is an American folk group. They’re the first-ever trio to win the American version of The Voice, and they won season 21 of the show.

Kelly Clarkson’s team, with her at the helm, participated and won for the fourth time. In addition to being the first audition of season 21, theirs was also the first 4-chair turn.

Life Story of a Girl Named Tom

Bekah, Joshua, and Caleb Sims are the three members of the American band Girl Named Tom. The group was given the opportunity to try out for NBC’s 21st season of The Voice. The launch date for the show was September 20, 2021.

Girl Named Tom Net Worth

A rendition of “Helplessly Hoping” was given by the three as part of their audition for the band. All four chairs turned at the end of their performance because they were so blown away by what they saw. Kelly Clarkson was ultimately selected as the group’s mentor.

They’re the first-ever trio to win the American version of The Voice, and they won season 21 of the show. They participated in Kelly Clarkson’s team, which she led to victory for the fourth time in her coaching career. In addition to being the first audition of season 21, theirs was also the first 4-chair turn.

Girl Named Tom Net Worth- How Rich Are They?

The members of Girl Named Tom have been coy about how much money they had. The young brothers and sisters have set their sights on making it big in the professional music industry.

Girl Named Tom Net Worth

Similarly, there is currently no way to learn about their past financial success. This section will be updated as soon as we have reliable information about their wealth.

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Meet Girl Named Tom Members from ‘the Voice’

Bekah, Joshua, and Caleb Liechty are the siblings featured in A Girl Named Tom. Holly, the mother, gave birth to her children in Pettisville, Ohio.

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So far, neither of the children has mentioned their father. Caleb is the oldest at 26; Joshua is the middle child at 24, and Bekah is the youngest at 21.

Members of the Liechty family live in South Bend, Ohio, and they are known for their unwavering loyalty to one another.

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When their father was stricken with an extremely rare form of cancer, all three of the Liechty children abandoned their childhood dream of becoming doctors.

Girl Named Tom Net Worth

That being said, the group eventually went home to spend some additional quality time together. So in 2019 they got together as Girl Named Tom and did a tour across America. The band has reportedly played 67 gigs in 27 cities, as reported by Hollywood Life. Now that they’ve made it to the season 21 finale of “The Voice,”

they can show the world that they have what it takes to make it big in the music industry. Furthermore, the group has amassed a large following throughout the years. They have amassed an impressive 70k followers on their shared Instagram account as of right now.


This Year and Next: Band Practice and “Another World”

The three siblings had planned on attending medical school together but instead formed a band. The idea for the band’s name came from Joshua’s habit of referring to his sister Bekah as “Thomas” when she was a newborn,


which in turn was inspired by Joshua and Caleb’s wish to have another sibling. Barrier Island, their debut song, was released independently in November 2019[5], and the following month, they dropped their debut EP, Another World.

From 2021 onward, we have had both Hits from the Road and The Voice

The group dropped their second song, titled “Backup Plan,” on January 1, 2021. They debuted with a cover CD in February called Hits from the Road. The day following The Voice season finale, they dropped a Christmas song on Republic Records titled “No Snow For Christmas.”

They auditioned for season 21 of The Voice in September 2021, performing “Helplessly Hoping” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Each of the four coaches swiveled their seats to face them.

To join Kelly’s team is something they voluntarily did. On December 14th, 2021, they made it to the season’s final and ultimately won.

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Girl Named Tom Net Worth

They made history by being the first group to win The Voice as a trio. The twins’ second album, titled One More Christmas, was confirmed for release on November 2, 2022. As the 22nd season of The Voice came to a close on December 13, 2022, they sang “One More Christmas” and announced a joint Christmas tour with Pentatonix.