On Tik Tok, how Is Video Processed? Here’s 6 Method Your Video Is Processing on Tik Tok?

On Tik Tok, how Is Video Processed?

Before your video is made public on TikTok, the servers examine and review it after you submit it. Depending on the length and caliber of a video, the full procedure may take some time. Your video is accessible to see on TikTok after the processing is complete.

Typically, a notification stating that your video is being processed on TikTok appears as you try to upload a video. This occurs when a video is being examined for potential violations of community guidelines, preventing any interaction with the video until it has been authorized.

Why Is Processing of My TikTok Video So Slow?

The message is expected, though. When it appears for an extended amount of time, TikTok users are occasionally left in the dark. This might be due to:


  • an issue with the TikTok servers in your area.
  • issues with your phone’s technical aspects.
  • problems with your network’s internet connectivity.

How to Correct Video Is Processing on TikTok?

 1.)  Restart the Computer and The Tik Tok App.

We advise starting with the simple step of shutting and restarting your TikTok app if you are new to the service. Additionally, you are starting the TikTok app session over again by doing this.


Whatever problems are preventing the uploading procedure will be addressed by this. Restarting your TikTok app, however, frequently improves performance. Restarting your app is the way to go if you believe it is running slowly, even if you are not experiencing the Tiktok “video is being processed” issue.

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2.) Clear the TikTok Cache

This could be another factor at play while processing the TikTok video. The performance of the program may be impacted as the cache begins to accumulate, which would explain the problematic video uploading procedure.


To clear the app cache, all you have to do is go to your device’s Settings menu. Additionally, you may clear the cache directly from the app.

To access the Privacy option, simply find the TikTok app on your smartphone, browse to the settings area, and pick it. Select the Clear cache option by scrolling down.

 3.) Ensure a Strong Internet Connection.

The “Video is being processed” TikTok report might also occur when there is an issue with the TikTok server.


Given how many users the app receives each day, this is not at all surprising. However, in certain circumstances, it can be that your Internet is problematic; verify it before re-uploading. But if you want a quick fix, restart your device and repeat the procedure.

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4. Check the Status of Your Account.

It would only be prudent for you to examine your account’s current status when things like these happen.


You can find out whether you’ve been locked out or aren’t allowed to publish videos by doing this.

5.) Verify Your Video to See If It Violates Community Guidelines

Here is where you need to look to see whether you’ve broken any community rules. Copyright content infringement is one of the most prevalent restrictions that users frequently break.

You could then be prohibited from breaking these laws. So you might wish to submit them a report in this case.

 6.) Contact the TikTok Support team

When all other options indicated above have been exhausted, you will only need to do this. Clear the TikTok cache after checking the status of your account.


If you’ve tried restarting your phone and the TikTok app and the problem still persists, you should contact TikTok support through their Help area.


Six fixes for the TikTok video processing have been compiled in this post. When you’re in this circumstance, I hope they are useful. You can leave a comment below if you have any more advice to provide.