Prichard Colon: What happened to him? How Did He Get Recovery from His Injury?

Prichard Colon: What happened to him?

The multiple dangers involved and the injuries suffered by boxers indicate that the sport of boxing is tough. Unhappily learning this is something that Prichard Colon is one of them who did. His last ring fight left him paralyzed and with potentially fatal brain damage, ending any chance he had of ever becoming a professional boxer.

Just who Is Prichard Colon?

A boxer from the United States named Prichard Colon Melendez had a sudden transformation in his life. His entire professional and personal life was destroyed by one punch.

Colon was born on September 19, 1992, in the state of Florida.

He began his amateur boxing career in Puerto Rico, earning the moniker “Digget,” which was derived from the term “digger.”


He earned the nickname “Diget” because of his physique and 6-foot height.

At the young age of 10, he began boxing, and after winning five national championships, he became famous. In his amateur career, he won numerous illustrious contests, including the 2010 Pan American Youth Championship.

He competed in the 2012 London Summer Olympics but was defeated in the third round.

Colon then made the decision to start his professional career at the age of 20 following a successful track record.

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Professional Background

Digget knocked out his opponent in the first round of his first match on February 23, 2013, against Xavier La Salle.

Vivian Harris was the opponent in one of his most notable and significant matches in September 2015. Colon stunned the audience by knocking out Harris in the fourth round despite the fact that he was a seasoned boxer.

Prichard Colon was quickly rising to fame as the world began to notice his fervor and violence on the field.

He was next slated to square off with Terrel Willaims following his epic battle with Harris.

Due to the cancellation of one of the planned boxers due to illness, the bout that was initially scheduled to take place was added.

Prichard Colon: What Happened?

The boxer can’t participate in any boxing fights at the moment since he is crippled. Prichard Colon and Terrel Williams’ fight will go down in boxing lore. He had never lost a battle before. It was also his last competition.


In his early career, the boxer competed at 141 and 152 pounds and won five national matches. He made his professional debut in 2012 with a 170-15 amateur record, shortly after winning gold in the 64 kg bracket at the 2010 Pan-American Youth Championship.

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What Transpired with Vivian Harris when Prichard Colon Was Defeated?

In the fourth round, Colon knocked out the seasoned fighter. He thus secured a match against Terrel Williams.


The Guyanese boxer, on the other hand, faced up against DeMarcus Corley and both won and lost. He was given a second chance the next year, which he took. He hasn’t gone back to the ring since that time.

 How to Get Recovery of Prichard Colon?

For 221 days, The Digget lay in a coma.

He began his medical care in a Virginia hospital and was later moved to Shepherd Center in Georgia.

He was taken to his mother’s house in Florida once he came out of the coma.

In April 2017, it was reported that Colon was brain dead. Once a patient has emerged from a coma, this typically happens. He wasn’t entirely cognizant, but he was half awake.

Colon’s parents made the decision to launch a 50 million dollar lawsuit at the same time, alleging damages.

Colon was unresponsive even though the battle lasted for 1.5 years. The only thing his body could do on its own was breathe, even though he wasn’t on a ventilator.

The Recovery Process of Prichard Colon

He started his physical and occupational therapy in June 2018. He was able to grab and release pegs, carry out certain shoulder exercises, and respond to orders by the beginning of 2019. His hands got better after a month, and he could stand with help.


  • Curiosity was ignited in 2021 by a TikTok video in which a person shared the former boxer’s condition along with the message, “I hope you get better one day, Prichard.” With the help of therapists and assistive technology, Prichard has since managed to walk the length of a football field.
  • Additionally, he has the balance to sit unaided for more than five minutes. In 2021, he underwent another surgery with success, according to a statement from the World Boxing Council (WBC).
  •  At their home in Winter Park, Florida, Prichard has been cared after by Nieves, his mother.

    In this house, he was raised by Nieves and her ex-husband.

  • Prior to sustaining a severe head injury that put him in a prolonged vegetative state and put him in a coma, Prichard Colon was a rising boxing star. His novel approach and jaw-dropping knockouts were missed by the boxing world. But even as he goes through medical treatments to regain his health, he still gets support from followers and foes.
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