Who Is Joey Jones’ Wife, and Is He Married? News Personality, SGT Journalist Married & Personal Life

Who Is Joey Jones' Wife, and Is He Married?

Elise Jones, a program director for a large national non-profit serving the military in Texas, is the wife of Joey Jones at the moment. He was previously wed to an unidentified woman who has remained under the radar up until now.

American motivational speaker, TV personality, and former marine Joey Jones. He is well-known for his work as a Fox News expert who offers military commentary across all Fox News media channels.

Following his success, a lot of people had a keen interest in learning all there was to know about him, making everything related to him—including his personal life—a hot issue. The information on Joey Jones’ wife is provided below.

Who Is Fox News’ Joey Jones Married To?

Elise Jones, a longtime love of Joey Jones, is his wife. The ex-marine wife’s name is reportedly Meg Garrison Jones in some reports, but Elise, according to The Talks Today. Since neither Joey nor his wife have stepped forward to refute the allegations, her true identity is still questioned.

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At Dalton’s Southeast High School in 2003, the two became friends while still in high school. After Joey Jones suffered the loss of both of his legs in an explosive device in Afghanistan in 2010, Elise Jones and Joey Jones began dating.

She relocated to the nation’s capital and started supporting him while he through a two-year recuperation at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

As their love for one another grew over time, they soon left on a significant endeavor. On December 30, 2012, they made their marriage vows public at the Marine Corps Barracks 8th in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Elise Jones Is a Citizen of The US.

Elise Jones gained notoriety as Joey Jones’ wife. Her precise birthdate, birth month, and birth year are unknown, hence it is impossible to estimate her age. She is of Caucasian ancestry and an American citizen. Elise has a similar faith.

Who Is Joey Jones' Wife, and Is He Married?

Nothing is known about her parents or siblings because she is quite discreet about such matters. Elise’s educational background has likewise remained a secret; as a result, it is unknown if she received a degree and there is no indication of the institution or university she attended.

A nationwide military nonprofit organization in Texas employs Elise Jones as the program director. Nobody is aware of her involvement in any other careers save this one.

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A Look Back At Joey Jones’s Previous Marriage

Although Joey Jones was previously married, little is known about her. Her name, age, educational background, occupation, and other details are among those that are unknown. Additionally, it is unknown how they met and how long they dated prior to being married.


In addition, because both the ex-marine and his former wife have been silent about it, specifics like when they were married, how long they were together before splitting up, and the cause of their failed marriage have remained a mystery.

Elise and Joey Jones Are the Parents of Four Kids.

The delighted parents of four kids are Joey and Elise Jones. When the ex-marine and his ex-wife were still married, they had a kid called Joseph Jones. Aside from his identity, information about him such as his age and educational background has been withheld from the prying eyes of the media.

Who Is Joey Jones' Wife, and Is He Married?

He frequently appears with his father engaging in outdoor activities like cooking and shooting sports. In Georgia, he resides with his dad, stepmom, and half-siblings.

Three daughters were born to the couple at once. They didn’t give their first or second girls’ names. Information about their age and schooling has been kept a secret, much like their elder half-brother.

Pete was said to be Joey and Elise’s last name, but the pair has not yet confirmed this. Additionally, they align the youngster with the low-key pattern that her older siblings are adopting. Although her exact birth date, month, and year are unknown, she is still a toddler. She is developing under the guidance of her parents with her elder brothers.