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Is Uzumaki Season 1 Anticipated Horror Series Released in 2023?

Uzumaki Season 1

The name Junji Ito has been widely known in the horror manga and anime community for quite some time. Fans of his unnerving perspective on body horror and the otherworldly are always clamoring for more. For those interested in Japanese horror, Junji Ito is a household name because of his popular manga such as Tomie, Gyo, and Uzumaki itself.

For those eagerly anticipating the Uzumaki anime, this release schedule should serve as your one-stop shop. Despite the fact that film adaptations of Junji Ito’s manga have historically been less successful than the source material,

fans and studios continue to give them a go. A four-part animated miniseries based on Uzumaki is in the works for 2019. Here are the specifics of a new scary anime, presented with crossed fingers and strong hopes.

Uzumaki Season 1 Release Date

Uzumaki’s release date has been “spiraling” out of control, much like the plot. The release of Uzumaki, which had been planned for 2020, was delayed due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, as reported by IndieWire. The show’s production would have been deemed unsuccessful,

therefore a new release date of October 2022 would be set, only to be pushed back again. However, there are still a few months left for the series to preserve a potential 2022 debut date, despite the fact that there is currently no confirmed release date for Uzumaki. When it does premiere, episodes will be shown on Adult Swim’s Saturday night Toonami block.

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Uzumaki Season 1: The Cast and Crew

The individuals involved in the making of Uzumaki are all professionals in their craft. The director, Hiroshi Nagahama, also helmed the supernatural slice-of-life series Mushishi, so he should be well-equipped to capture the otherworldly vibe that permeates Kurouzu-Cho.

It has been established from the previews that Colin Stetson will be composing the series’ music.

In case you missed it, Stetson has composed the music for a number of recent scary movies, including Color Out of Space, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, and the unsettling theme for Hereditary. It fits in perfectly with the ominous, alien vibe of the original.

The animation itself, which was completed by Production I.G and Drive, is eerily gorgeous, keeping the monochromatic color scheme that highlights Junji Ito’s disturbing artwork so effectively. Fans of Japanese animation may probably know some of the voice actors.

Uki Satake and Shin-ichiro Miki will lend their voices to the characters of Kirie Goshima and Shuichi Saito, respectively. Satake has previously provided his voice for Adult Swim’s Mob Psycho 100 and Space Dandy. In contrast, Miki has a long list of credits, from the latest role in My Hero Academia to his original voice performance for James in the Pokémon anime.

 Uzumaki Anime Season 1 Plot

The Uzumaki manga, fortunately, provides viewers with a summary of the show’s story. A live-action film adaptation of Uzumaki was released in 2000, however, it is much less well-known than the anime series.

It wasn’t very popular, and critics were divided on it, but it’s gained some cult status in spite of this.

Kirie Goshima, a high school senior, and her lover, Shuichi Saito, are at the center of Uzumaki. They reside in Kurouzu-Cho, a town plagued by a mystery curse involving spirals (in English, Uzumaki translates to spirals).

Scary things start happening all across town, such as people becoming obsessed with and afraid of the shape of spirals, or having their bodily parts twisted and rearranged into spirals. Kirie and Shuichi have to figure out what’s going on and how they can stop the atrocities plaguing their city.

Where Will Uzumaki Be Aired?

Uzumaki will premiere in Japan and on Crunchyroll before making its way to Adult Swim’s Toonami schedule. The anime’s announcement was made at this year’s Crunchyroll Expo, so that’s where you can probably find it. A definitive answer on where else Uzumaki will be available is difficult to come by in light of the delays. Yet, only those two services are available.

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Uzumaki Teaser

We can’t wait to watch this terrifying show in cartoon form! We hope that the extra time it takes to fully realize is well spent.

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