Who Is Kate Chastain Dating? Is She Married to Josh Robert?

Who Is Kate Chastain Husband?

Childhood and Career

On January 2, 1983, Kate Chastain was born in Sacramento, California, in the United States. She was conceived by Jerri Hastey and Michael Monastery, a former American rock musician.

She has American citizenship and is of Caucasian descent as a result of her birth. Kate and her four siblings were all reared in Sacramento City during their formative years. Her parents divorced while she was quite young, and shortly after, her mother remarried to a guy named Michael Hastey.


  • When she was 24 years old, the star of Below Deck began her career as a laundry stewardess in the yachting sector. She eventually developed a passion for her job and was able to advance through the ranks, becoming chief stewardess.
  • Her life changed for the better after that. Kate Chastain was able to get the chief stewardess position on Bravo’s Below Deck as a result of her promotion.
  •  Courtney Skippon, Tanner Sterback, Lee Rosbach, Simone Mashile, Ashton Pienaar, Brian de Saint Pern, Abbi Murphy, and Kevin Dobson are more cast members in the program.
  • Kate Chastain started a non-profit store in 2017, which she usually concentrates on while she isn’t sailing. She owns and runs Genesis Boutique, a high-end secondhand store that is non-profit and all of the money she makes there supports Genesis House.
  • For those who are unfamiliar with the organization, Genesis House aims to locate transitional or temporary housing for homeless women and children so they may rebuild their lives.

Personal Life of Kate Chastain

As she could be unmarried at the time, Kate Chastain’s husband is unknown to the general public. Josh Robert married his fiancée Hannah Ferrier earlier this year, thus she is not his wife.

Chastain is a well-known television personality, a lauded author, a philanthropist, a host of podcasts and radio shows, and a dog parent. Through the attention of her viewers, her many abilities have made her well-known on a global scale.


Her relationship and personal life topics worry many well-wishers, and thousands of people frequently look for her daily updates. Let’s examine her love past and establish a connection.

Her Fans Did Not Appreciate Her Break From The Show

As soon as word spread on social media that Kate was leaving the program, her supporters began to express their displeasure.

In the comments area, a lot of admirers expressed their sorrow. Kate, though, continues to be a member of their family. On the reality television show’s spin-off, Below Deck: the Mediterranean, you can still hear her voice.

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Kate Chastain Is Currently Dating?

Currently alone and content, Kate Chastain is not in a relationship.

In the early seasons of the show, she was spotted dating Chef Ben Robinson. But when Kate admitted that she had fallen in love, she surprised her followers in the fourth season of the show. She began seeing Ro Hernandez.

Unfortunately, things between the two did not work out so well, and in 2016 the pair separated. Josh Robert: Does Kate Chastain Have A Husband?


  • Despite being linked to several men and women in the past, Kate Chastain does not appear to be married at the moment. She has had a lot of questions about whether she is wed to Josh Robert, but that is untrue.
  • Josh Roberts and Hannah Ferrier have a kid together, and their relationship is formally acknowledged. They were a part of Bravo’s Below Deck program, which may have confused viewers.
  • Despite dating a variety of guys, Chastain hasn’t revealed the identity of her husband. To find the ideal life partner and spread the happy news, she could need some time.
  • Many say she is dating her co-star Josiah Carter, while others think she is said to be single following their separation. She has not said anything of the such, according to her social media.
  • Due to her concentrate on her work aim, she has not disclosed her plans for marriage; nevertheless, if this attractive personality does so, her well-wishers will be eager to meet her future spouse.

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Learn More About the Kate Chastain Family.

Her family may be pleased with her after watching her success. Kate Chastain was born on January 2, 1983 in Melbourne Beach, Florida. She has online posted adorable pictures of her family.


Chastain has frequently posted pictures of her family, despite the fact that she has not publicly addressed them. She might prefer to keep family activities private and avoid making personal concerns public.