Are Rhonda and Sharron from Too Hot to Handle Still Dating?

Are Rhonda and Sharron from Too Hot to Handle Still Dating?

The cast of Netflix’s new dating series Too Hot To Handle kept the status of their relationships a secret until the show’s premiere on social media.

While Harry Jowsey and Francesca Farago have uploaded images of themselves together and left hints about their romance all over Instagram, people are now speculating as to whether the other golden pair, Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend, are still together.

Rhonda briefly had a spark with David, but it rapidly died out, and she fell in love with Sharron almost right away. The two went on to become one of the retreat’s most popular couples. Rhonda and Sharron didn’t repeatedly breach the law, in contrast to the other famous golden couple, Harry and Francesca.

The couple has left fans unable to wait to find out whether or not they’re a serious item after their passionate dates and endearing phone talk with Rhonda’s kid.

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Rhonda and Sharron, Are They Still Dating?

For those who fell in love with the show’s romance, we have some good news and some bad news. Rhonda and Sharron discussed their relationship status with Entertainment Tonight in an interview.

what is good news? They undoubtedly remain involved in one other’s lives. The somewhat less positive news, though? They haven’t spoken to one another since the last day of filming, and the coronavirus lockdowns have made it much more challenging for them to get in touch in person. (Sharron resides in New Jersey, while Rhonda and her son reside in Georgia.)


It’s only a little flight, and we tried and tried to make it work, but it never did, said Rhonda. We’re great, I tried but listen. For instance, we continue to FaceTime, communicate on the phone, and encourage one another. It’ll continue where it left off no issue if we can get together.

“We’re attempting to bring it about. True, it’s been a year, but that just adds to the excitement. We persisted.

Sharron said, “I have a lot of affection for her,” in a different interview with ET. Without a doubt, we’re still rolling. Rhonda and I initially stayed in touch when we returned from the retreat. For a few months, everything was going fine.

Then, with work and everything else, I kind of became busy, and my mom got sick. We stopped for a few weeks because that made me [concentrate on] everything that was happening here.

He said, “We had planned to visit each other before the coronavirus happened. In order to sort of make things work, there have been discussions about who will relocate. We’ve been considering moving to Los Angeles, hopefully.

Can’t the coronavirus simply wrap it up and depart now for the sake of Rhonda and Sharron’s relationship? Please? We’re really hoping for that get-together.

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Which Couple Is “Stronger Than Ever” Today from Too Hot to Handle?

Harry and Francesca

Two well-known couples, according to a report by Capital FM, made a commitment to remain together even after the series came to an end. Francesca and Harry and Rhonda Paul and Sharron Townsend were the two pairings.


The focus of the entire competition was Francesca and Harry’s relationship because they kept breaking the rules and giving away less money practically every time they competed together.

Unfortunately, two months after the series’ conclusion, the pair broke up, disappointing the couple’s admirers. Francesca uploaded a video with the title “Our Break-Up” on her youtube account.

Lydia and David

On the dating program, Lydia and David Birtwistle were shown growing quite close, and by the last episode, it appeared like they could be considering getting together.


That relationship, though, doesn’t seem to have carried over into the actual world. The pair left the show as friends and never actually got together.

Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O’Brien

Bryce Hirschberg and Nicole O’Brien didn’t make their relationship public on the program, but there was always a spark between them.


Nicole and Bryce verified the rumors that they were dating after weeks of rumors by uploading pictures of themselves together and saying how much they missed one another. The pair didn’t appear in public again after that, either in person or on Instagram.