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What is Boris Becker Net Worth? How Tennis Career Brought Him To Fame?

Tennis pro and businessman Boris Becker was born in Germany but now resides in the United States. He took home three year-end trophies, thirteen Masters Series crowns, and an Olympic gold medal in doubles play. In 1989, he won Player of the Year honors from both the ATP and the ITF.

He is the second man ever, along with Pete Sampras and Novak Djokovic, to reach seven consecutive Wimbledon finals, behind only Roger Federer. Becker’s early fame and money caused a complete breakdown in his personal life. A two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for bankruptcy-related asset concealment brought him back into the public eye in 2020.

Germany’s Boris Becker once had the No. 1 ranking in tennis. Boris Becker has won three Wimbledon Championships, two Australian Opens, and one US Open in singles play. Boris Becker received a 30-month prison term after being found guilty on four counts under the Insolvency Act.

Early Life

German tennis pro-Boris Franz Becker was born to Elvira and architect Karl-Heinz Becker on November 22, 1967, in the town of Leimen, Baden-Württemberg. It was in Leimen that the young Becker first picked up a racket.

He attended the Helmholtz-Gymnasium in Heidelberg during his secondary education after being raised as a devout Catholic. Boris Becker won 49 singles wins and 15 doubles trophies during his professional tennis career before calling it quits in 1999.

After he retired, he dove into a number of other business endeavors. Becker was a TV analyst and coached Novak Djokovic, who went on to win six Grand Slam titles while under Becker’s tutelage between 2013 and 2016.

Boris Becker’s Net Worth

Net Worth: $100 Thousand
Date of Birth: Nov 22, 1967 (55 years old)
Place of Birth: Leimen
Profession: Tennis player, Businessperson
Nationality: Germany

Germany’s former top player and current coaching staff member Boris Becker have a $100,000 fortune. In a very short amount of time, Becker established himself as a formidable tennis player.

Becker claimed he made $50 million throughout his professional tennis career during a bankruptcy battle in 2022. That’s equivalent to almost $120 million in today’s money, after inflation.

Boris Becker’s Annual Income

Boris Becker has around six rental properties that provide him with a steady monthly income. Boris Becker also receives interest and dividends on nearly $10 million he has stashed away in bank deposits and government bonds.

Boris Becker earns more than $520,00 USD annually from his rental properties. An additional $400,000 comes from Boris Becker’s dividend and interest income.

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Boris Becker’s Loans and Liabilities

Boris Becker took out a $15,000 debt many years ago so he could pursue a career in tennis. Boris Becker, though, has paid off his whole student loan after rising to prominence in the tennis world. Boris Becker had taken out a massive debt of $12 million a few years ago to fund his business’s expansion and his foray into the media industry.

To determine Boris Becker’s true wealth, we must account for the fact that he has a loan now in arrears with Citi Bank.

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Boris Becker did not come from a wealthy household. Boris Becker has amassed his whole fortune through his own efforts.

Boris Becker’s shrewd dealings in the stock market and the real estate market are providing him with a massive monthly income that will ensure the continued growth of his fortune.


Becker won his first professional doubles title in 1984, the same year he turned pro. When he won the Wimbledon singles tournament in 1985, he did it as the tournament’s first unseeded champion.

Thereafter, Becker won a string of amazing matches and successfully defended his Wimbledon crown the following year. Afterward, he became fierce rivals with Stefan Edberg. His career started taking a hit in the mid-1990s

due to money and marriage problems. After a near-victory in the 1995 Monte Carlo Open, he called it quits and retired that year. Becker had won 49 singles titles and 15 doubles trophies during his career as a professional tennis player.

Tennis Career

Becker held the record for youngest male Grand Slam singles champion for 227 days, during which time he was only 17 years and 57 days old. In 1985, he became the first player from West Germany to win a singles title at Wimbledon without being a seed by defeating Kevin Curren in four sets.

As a young man, he triumphed at the NEC in Birmingham at the Tennis World Young Masters. In 1984, Becker made his professional tennis debut, and in that same year, he won his first professional doubles championship. Later on, he became bitterly competitive with Stefan Edberg.

By the mid-1990s, his marital and financial issues were beginning to negatively impact his productivity. After nearly missing the 1995 Monte Carlo Open, he decided to call it quits and retire.

During his professional tennis career, Becker won 49 singles titles and 15 doubles titles. Becker prefers to play on grass courts instead of clay courts because he has never won a clay court match.

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Post Retirement Career

In 2009, Becker announced the launch of Boris Becker TV, an internet television network dedicated to airing clips from his professional and personal life. Becker is the German Tennis Federation’s head of men’s tennis and a regular analyst on Fox Sports Australia’s Wimbledon magazine show The Daily Serve.

Career Earnings

Boris made $50 million in salary and sponsorships during the course of his career. Half of the sum, a little over $25 million, came from tournament earnings. If we compensate for inflation, we find that $50 million would be equivalent to almost $120 million now.

Tax Evasion

Becker cheated the government out of a cool DM 3.3 million in taxes. He was investigated for criminal tax fraud in 1996. Becker admitted he used a Monaco address even though he was really residing in Munich between 1991 and 1993.

But he said he was innocent of any charges of theft or criminal involvement. In contrast, Becker stressed that he did not reside in a typical Munich apartment but rather in a single, sparsely furnished room.

After being found guilty of tax evasion in 2002, Becker was given a two-year prison term, which was later reduced to one year. When considering Becker’s sentence, the court took into account the fact that he paid nearly €3 million to settle his tax arrears between 1991 and 1995.

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Boris Becker’s Cars

Boris Becker reportedly spent $400,000 on an Audi RS Q8. Even Boris Becker has a $70,000 USD Volvo XC90 in his garage. Below is a list of some of Boris Becker’s previous automobiles.


Boris Becker played with Puma racquets for the duration of his career. Even though Estusa no longer produces racquets, he still sings the company’s praises for its equipment. Other than Poker Stars, he is sponsored by the likes:

Personal Life

From 1988 to 1991, Becker dated Karen Schultz, then from 1991 to 1992, he dated Cassandra Hepburn. In 1993, he tied the knot with Barbara Feltus. They have two children, Noah Gabriel and Elias Balthasar.

Becker filed for divorce from Barbara and the couple’s two children in 2000, despite the fact that the prenuptial agreement between them stipulated that Barbara would get a lump sum of .

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5 million. Barbara went to Florida after receiving a phone call from a woman claiming to be Becker’s mother.

Although Barbara was pregnant with their second child, Becker claimed in his memoirs that he had a one-night stand with another woman.

After he flew to Florida to meet with Barbara and work out the details of their divorce, he claims that the two got into an argument during which she punched him.

Real Estate

Boris Becker purchased a sweeping 60-acre estate in Mallorca in the 1990s. This mansion was previously worth over .

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4 million. He put the 31,000-square-foot mansion on the market in 2007 for 13 million pounds. In 2018, a group of squatters prevented Becker from selling the Mallorcan estate he had long abandoned in order to pay off his debts.

The squatters declared their intent to remain at the property indefinitely; some even discussed transforming the area into a version of Peter Pan’s Neverland. It’s a shame because Becker’s land had so much promise just a decade ago. It has a gym, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, and stables for horses in addition to its 12 bedrooms.

In a short amount of time, the squatters completely destroyed all of these facilities. In addition, they made off with all of the pricey furnishings and anything else that wasn’t securely fastened. One squatter’s attempt to utilize solar panels to power the pool resulted in significant damage to the pool.

Reports appeared in 2020 that the squatters had been evicted due to their involvement in the production of pornographic films on the property. Boris gave his villa in Mallorca to the British private bank Arbuthnot Latham in November 2020 to pay off some of his debt.

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