Is Hunter X Hunter Chapter 399 Released in December 2022?

hunter x hunter manga release date

Hunter x Hunter chapter 399 will be made available online. The manga will be made freely available through the Shonen Jump app and the Viz Media website. Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan spent the prior chapter probing Room 3101 to learn its inner workings. Not long later, Wang and Hinrich showed there, with the latter offering to help the Phantom Troupe zero in on Heil-hiding Ly’s spot.

After suggesting they use a transmitter to find the secret location, he offered to be the one who was teleported there. Noticing this, Nobunaga decided to go along while the rest of the group used the radio to locate the hiding place.

It is now time to start exploring. What exactly are they going to discover as a duo here? Obviously, this raises serious red flags. I’m curious about the Hei-Ly group’s strategic plans. Hopefully, the HxH 399 spoilers will reveal some exciting conflict between the two factions.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 399 Release Date

Released on March 16, 1998, Hunter X Hunter is one of the longest-running and most beloved series in the history of Japanese manga. Due to the overwhelming response to the first few episodes of this series, a brand new chapter has been released.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 399 Release Date

Yes! The long-awaited release of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 399 has occurred, and several episodes from the new chapter have already been broadcast. Fans of the series are so enthralled by it that

they are now counting down the days till the premiere of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 399. I was wondering whether you knew when Chapter 399 would be released. The release date for Hunter X Hunter Chapter 399 has been set for December 19th, 2022.

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What to Expect from Hunter X Hunter Chapter 399?

The events of Hunter x Hunter 399 will most likely revolve around Hinrigh and Nobunaga’s investigation into Heil-lair.

Ly’s There is a high degree of confidence that the teleportation nen technique’s imbued is nearby. The two protagonists opened a secret door at the end of the last chapter, the significance of which has yet to be established.


Fans can also look forward to seeing the action unfold outside the hideout, as Phinks, Feitan, and Wang might try to track down the Heil-Ly lair by reusing the transmitter that Hinrigh ingested. The sheer size of the Black Whale One makes this an ambitious undertaking.

Recap of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 398 Summary

The Heil-Lys used their dimensional manipulation skills to pilot the spaceship. Wang afterward told him that the Phantom Troupe had been the one to lead the search for the enemy’s lair.

Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan went into the room next to Room 3101 to break down the wall.

Nonetheless, they went ahead and drilled a hole in the lavatory wall to investigate the area. The conversation between Nobunaga and Phinks as they entered the corridor brought up memories of the Phantom Troupe’s early days in Meteor City.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 399 Release Date

The demand for new VHS content pitted Chrollo, Franklin, and Shalnark against Uvojin and Phinks in the flashback. After stealing the VHS from Pakunada and Chrollo, his plan was to get other people to help him dub the video.

Meanwhile, kidnappers have made their way to Meteor City.

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Where to Read Hunter X Hunter Chapter 399?

Given that the Hunter x Hunter manga is published in Weekly Shonen Jump, it will be accessible on both the official Viz Media website and the Manga Plus mobile app and website. A subscription is required to read the entire manga, but you can read the most recent chapter for free.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 399 Release Date

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