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What on TikTok Does “Story Time” and “Crop” Mean? Trending Explain!

What on TikTok Does "Story Time" and "Crop" Mean?

You’re not the only one who has been perplexed by the constant comments on TikTok videos over the past several weeks saying “story time?” and “crop.” Here is what it indicates.

Even the greatest among us have fallen victim to the bizarre lingo and fashions that TikTok has helped create. To be honest, we still don’t fully understand what “cheugy” actually means. It might be challenging to keep up with the constantly changing language offered by the app.

The terms “story time?” and “crop?” have probably been noticed by many people invading comments on popular videos, as well as perhaps even their own. Just take a look at Charli D’Amelio’s comment sections right now to see that it’s a trend that even the most experienced TikTokers are having trouble shaking.

What do the terms “crop” and “need crop” on TikTok mean?

Those who follow meme or “aesthetic” TikTok accounts are probably already familiar with this expression. The quantity of them today, though, and their apparent appearance on seemingly unconnected films are what is novel.

Initially, people who wished to snap screenshots or record their screens on videos would comment “crop” or “need crop.” Without any usernames or “like” buttons showing over the video, that may be accomplished by cropping the video to have a border around it.

However, people became weary of the comment after seeing it on so many movies and so frequently in such a demanding way. Commenting on pointless videos that they don’t even want cropped brings about a joke that is shared across the app.

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What on TikTok does “story time” mean?

Comments on TikTok requesting a “story time” are common and follow the same funny structure. Folks often tend to be left wanting more after seeing any video that even suggests a compelling narrative, such as those about the women who discovered blood in their storage units or the people who unintentionally ingested their AirPods.

Making a “story time” film that tells the complete tale from beginning to end is the quickest method to convey all of the additional information. Naturally, these films, which first became well-known on YouTube, are not just for TikTok.

On TikTok, however, people may remark “story time” in order to learn more when they see anything in a video that they find intriguing.

Similar to “crop,” it also irritates TikTok users, resulting in eye rolls at the sight alone.

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What on TikTok does the word “results” mean?

Anyone who has seen a process video of any type, which is pretty much everyone on TikTok, will be able to identify the identical comment that appears on each of those films.

Users are left demanding the findings in the comments when the designer doesn’t share the end result of their process trying something out, such as checking the germs on restaurant tableware or bathing in pants to stretch them out.

It’s simply another word that has been added to the lengthy list of remarks that frequently seem to irritate app users.

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