Who Is Lemminkainen? Whether Its Real or Fake

Who Is Lemminkainen? Whether Its Real or Fake

The Lemminkainen Hoard

Bock said that Lemminkainen had hidden tens of thousands of jewels, ancient artifacts, and life-size gold statues of himself in the Sibbosberg cave system, which is about 20 miles east of Helsinki, Finland’s capital.

Bock said that the cave on his large family estate was where the legendary Lemminkainen Temple was, where the treasures of many generations of ancient Finnish pagans were kept.

Bock says that the entrance to the temple was blocked with big stone slabs in the 10th century to keep Swedish and Swiss armies from taking the treasures inside.


Since then, his old family line—the Boxstrom—had kept it secret and watched over the cave.

Many people around the world were interested in the story and went to the site looking for truth, gold, and glory. Members of The Temple Twelve joined forces with Ior Bock to become the site’s first and only permanent, self-funded excavation team.

Carl Borgen is a friend of Bock’s and the world’s leading expert on the hoard. For more than 30 years, he has been watching the excavations at the site.

Carl’s book, Temporarily Insane, tells the story of the Bock Saga and the “Bockists” who have spent their whole lives trying to find the supposed treasure.

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Who is Lemminkainen?

Lemminkainen is a well-known figure in Finnish mythology.

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He is one of the heroes in the Kalevala, which is a work of epic poetry from the 19th century that is based on Finnish oral mythology and folklore.

Lemminkainen is often shown as a handsome, red-haired hero and a warrior. He is also sometimes shown as a “frivolous” and rude womanizer.

The story Lemminkaisen virsi (Song of Lemminkainen) is where Lemminkainen shows up most often in folk poems, but he also shows up in other stories, like Hidden hirven hiihdanta (Hunting the moose of Hiisi on skis).

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The character of Lemminkainen was made by putting together parts of many different stories in the Kalevala.


  • In many of the stories, Lemminkainen is killed and his body is cut up.
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    In some stories, he is killed by an arrow, while in others, he is stabbed by a hollow reed. But in every story, he is killed by “the one weapon that could kill him.”

  • His body is then cut up and thrown into Tuoni, the River of Death, in the Underworld, Tuonela.
  • When Lemminkainen’s mother heard that he had died, she went down to Tuonela and used a copper rake to pull his body parts from the River of Death. She used magical honey to “re-knit” his body and bring him back to life.
  • Scholars have said that this story is similar to the myth of Osiris, who was cut up and brought back to life, and to the story of the Norse god Balder, who was immune to harm but was killed by the only thing that could hurt him (in his case, mistletoe).
  • People also think that the poem was influenced by the Russian poem “Vavilo I skomorokhi,” which is thought to have brought ideas from the Osiris myth from Byzantium to northern Europe.
  • So, most people think that Lemminkainen’s story is a mix of different myths and religions from around the world.
  • But maybe the Bock Saga, which says that after the Paradise Time ended, the Aser went around the world to teach people, has some truth to it after all. Who knows? Maybe it was where these similar world myths came from in the first place, not the other way around. Maybe another treasure in the Lemminkainen Temple holds the answer…

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Lemminkainen Hoard Whether Real or Fake

The Lemminkainen Hoard is a buried stash of gold, diamonds, and ancient artifacts that is said to be worth up to £15 billion ($20.4 billion). The Lemminkainen Hoard is “on the verge” of being dug up by a group of treasure hunters.

About 50,000 precious stones, like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, and at least 1,000 artifacts that are thousands of years old are thought to be in the hoard.

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It would be the most important and valuable treasure ever found.

Who Is Lemminkainen? Whether Its Real or Fake

  • It is thought to be made up of several life-size, 18-karat gold statues of people. All of these statues are said to be hiding under the huge cave system of Sibbosberg, which is about 30 kilometers east of Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
  • The hoard, which is said to be buried in an underground temple in Sipoo, has been hard to find for the past 30 years, even though the government and more than 100 professional prospectors from all over the world have been looking for it.
  • But now, after 34 years and more than 100,000 hours of careful digging, a group of 12 “penniless” friends think they are only a few meters away from the treasure. They plan to go into the cave in the summer of next year.
  • The “Temple Twelve,” a group of friends who have been looking for the treasure since 1987, has spent every summer since then trying to find it. They work in the cave complex near Helsinki for six hours a day, seven days a week. The cave complex looks like a maze.
  • In an interview he gave from his home in Amsterdam, he said, “I think there has been a lot of progress at the temple, and the crew is very excited about the next few months.”
  • “People in the camp are now talking about being close to a huge breakthrough, which could be the finding of the world’s biggest and most valuable treasure trove. People are starting to make assumptions about this.