Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer? illness Update And Nose Scar!

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer

Retired lieutenant investigator Joseph Patrick Kenda of the Colorado Springs Police Department completed 387 manslaughter investigations and closed 356 of them during his 23 years on the force. This is a success rate of 92%.On his Investigation Discovery show, “Manslaughter Hunter,” he details the cases he’s worked on and how they were solved.

Kenda has not only broken a show rating of 8.8 out of 10 on IMDb with Discovery Channel’s most popular crime show, but he has also accomplished the highest viewer rating performance in the organization’s history over the course of his 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Who Is Joe Kenda

Joe Kenda is a popular American TV personality who was born on November 14, 1946. Among the best in the country in solving murder cases, this 25-year veteran of Colorado’s homicide squad has been at it for good reason.

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Lt. Joe Kenda is the protagonist of the id series Homicide Hunter.

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In preparation for the party, he opens the “murder books” in which he revisits the most terrifying instances that have haunted him for years. The stars align in Scorpio for Joe Kenda, so say the astrologers. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, his birthplace, was where he first saw the light of day.

He married Kathy Kenda in 1967, and they went on to have two kids together. Furthermore, many people wonder where Joe Kenda’s ancestors came from and what race he is.

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Why are we wasting time? Joe Kenda’s ethnicity is a mystery, at least according to publicly available sites like IMDb and Wikipedia.


This article will discuss the most up-to-date religious and political beliefs of Joe Kenda. Joe is both a wealthy TV host and a well-known one. Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider corroborate our findings that Joe Kenda is worth around .

5 million. Because he believed murder to be the worst form of crime, he had decided early on that he wanted to investigate homicides and bring those responsible to justice.

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Is Joe Kenda Suffering from Cancer?

In one theory, Joe Kenda has skin cancer because of the scars on his nose. Joe does not directly address the sickness rumor. The former murder detective has been silent on social media about his significant health problems. He is 75 years old, but he looks and sounds younger than his years.

He and his wife, Mary Kathleen, are having a wonderful time. He dated Mary throughout high school, and the two eventually tied the knot in 1967. Dan and Chris, the couple’s offspring, is a true blessing. Joe’s first TV appearance was in 1997 after he had retired from a career in law enforcement that began in 1996.

The 2011 premiere of “The Homicide Hunter,” in which he recounted cases from his 23-year career as a detective, marked the first time he was recognized as a top view rating performance. In January 2021, he released an additional series called “American Detective.” And in 2021, he released a true-crime memoir called Killer Triggers.

Why Does He Have a Scar on His Nose

In the same vein as Owen Wilson‘s nose and Seal’s face, Kenda’s has been the subject of endless speculation. The strong lieutenant Lt. Joe Kenda and his wife Kathy appear to be having a wonderful time watching how many people can guess what happened to the strong lieutenant’s nose.

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer

None of them have been forthcoming with details on the million-dollar investigation, and we seriously doubt that anyone would have the guts to ask the investigator directly what happened to his nose. His devotees have been left to wonder what he may be thinking, and they have offered up a wide range of probable justifications.

The skin cancer scars on Kenda’s nose are widely assumed to have resulted from a physical altercation, probably a punch. However, the fan theories keep getting better and better. People on social media sites such as Facebook and Reddit guessed that he got bit by a dog when he was younger, or that he was hit in the face with a ring from a drug dealer during a drug arrest.

Once, a member of the audience who was playing a role that required him to hide his identity confessed that he got a nose piercing to fit in better. Kenda’s nose job didn’t turn out the way he had hoped, and the result is a lopsided and unnatural appearance.

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Many Kenda watchers are so concerned about his nose that they have watched every episode in an effort to identify his assailant. For a criminal on the up-and-up like Joe Kenda, he sure is skilled at hiding his tracks.

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