Emma Hernan’s Plastic Surgery: Before She Joined Selling Sunset, She Looked Very Different.

Emma Hernan's Plastic Surgery

Emma Hernan:  Facts About Her Biography, and Wiki

Emma Hernan was born on July 14, 1991, in Boston, Massachusetts. She is an American and a Cancer. She is well-known as a fitness model and for her Instagram account.

Emma was kind of pretty when she was a teenager, but she didn’t like her body, so she started going to the gym.

When she was in her third year, she was already working out. She set an example that many of her peers followed, so they also started going to the gym. This made Emma their role model and inspiration.


  • Emma moved to Los Angeles, California, right after she graduated from high school to follow her dream of becoming a professional fitness model and making it her full-time job. She sent her pictures to a modeling agency, and it wasn’t long before her first photoshoot was set up.
  • Since then, Emma has become a popular fitness model. She is best known for being the Miss COED January 2015, which is decided every year by a competition between pretty, smart girls.
  • Emma was also named the Lovely Lady of the Day by Sports Illustrated, which brought her even more attention.
  • She is currently working with one of the most popular and well-known modeling agencies in Los Angeles, and she has posed for many well-known brands and companies.
  • Emma may have dated a man she met at the gym in 2015, but they may have broken up at the start of 2017. Emma hasn’t said anything about this.
  • Emma is very interested in sports, and her favorite is football. Her favorite team is the New England Patriots, and she can often be seen at their games with her celebrity friends Chris Evans and Dane Cook.
  • Chris Evans, who is her friend, is also her favorite actor. She has seen all of his movies because she also loves movies and wants to work in the movie business but hasn’t had the chance yet.
  • Malibu is where she likes to go on vacation the most. Emma is also a fashionista who loves to shop. On her Instagram account, she often gives tips and advice on how to dress.

There are rumors that Emma Hernan has had breast enhancement surgery.

Emma hasn’t said anything about it, but based on what people have said on the tiger droppings website, she has had this surgery.


They also think she may have had a couple of other surgeries, but since there are no “before and after” pictures of her online, no one knows for sure if she is real or not.

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What kind of surgery did Emma have?

Emma hasn’t said anything about going under the knife in public, but it looks like she may have had breast augmentation.

Emma has what many people would call a “perfectly-shaped” nose, so some people think she may have had a nose job.


If you look at old pictures of the Selling Sunset actress, her nostrils look a little bit more round than they do now.

Her co-stars have been open about having plastic surgery, including Christine, who is said to have said that the only thing about her that isn’t real is “her boobs.”

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Emma Hernan before enhancements

Back in 2010, Emma’s chest was a lot smaller, and her face as a whole looked very different and less structured.

But in a picture from 21 years ago, most people look different. She would have been about 19 when she was around 30.


But you can’t just blame it on growing up. Her lips were much thinner, her cheeks were rounder, and her jawline was much less noticeable.

She has always had white-blonde hair, though, and people who follow her on Instagram have since called her “Barbie.”

As of 2013, her early modeling days are almost unrecognizable. She had a much rounder face and thicker false eyelashes back then.

The Star of Selling Sunset right now is

Emma started modeling when she was 12 years old. These days, she often poses for photos with a very round chest and full, pouty lips.

Some people who watch Selling Sunset think she looks just like her co-star Heather Rae Young, who has fillers in both lips and had her breasts enlarged.

She still models, of course, but she also buys and sells homes. She definitely has those long legs, which are probably seen as one of her best features.

Emma looks like she works out a lot (or just has a fast metabolism), since she always has very toned abs and a fit body.