Are ’90 Day Finance’ Couples Mike and Emily Still Dating?

Are '90 Day Finance' Couples Mike and Emily Still Dating?

Overview of Emily and Hannah

The year before the events, Emily and Hannah were dating, and Emily’s willingness to play the prank on Hannah showed that she was very protective of her relationship.


Mike and Emily broke up at some point in the middle, and both of them are now seeing other people. They seem to still be friends because they talk and hug when they run into each other on the trail. Emily seems to still care about Mike because she attacked his new girlfriend as soon as she saw them together.

But if Emily gets bitten, Mike will point a gun at her and, depending on what the player does, has the chance to kill her. This could hurt their friendship a lot.


Mike and Emily are a couple at the time of the prologue. Jessica plans a prank on Hannah because Hannah had been flirting with Mike, and she wants to protect the relationship. Emily agrees and says that Mike is her man. Mike will tell her that he is nobody’s man. Emily doesn’t care about this, so the group goes upstairs.

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Chapter 1 

The next year, Mike and Emily broke up a few weeks before the Blackwood Mountain reunion. Both of them started dating other people. But Mike broke up with Emily because he liked Jessica, while Emily’s new relationship with Matt is more of a way to hide the fact that she has moved on after the breakup. Jessica can be sure that Mike is dating her by pointing out that he and Emily broke up.


Mike jumps out and scares Matt and Emily as they walk down the trail. Emily is annoyed by this, and Mike will tell her to chill out, saying that this is how she always is. After what Matt and Mike said to each other, Mike leaves. Emily will tell Matt she needs to find “Sam” and ask him to help her carry the bags the rest of the way. She will then go the same way Mike did.

Ashley will later look through the telescope and see that they are together. She will think that they are getting a little too close. She can also show it to Matt, but if he sees the embrace, he’ll think it’s more than just a hug.

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Chapter 2

If Matt and Mike didn’t fight in the lodge about what Matt saw, Emily would see Mike and Jessica and say something bad about them. A fight will start, and Josh will have to send Mike and Jessica out of the lodge to stop it.

Are '90 Day Finance' Couples Mike and Emily Still Dating?

Matt can find Mike and Emily’s initials carved into a picnic table while looking for Emily’s bags. Emily will say that it doesn’t matter anymore because she’s here with Matt and not Mike.

On the way up to the cabin, Jessica will talk about Emily if she and Emily got into a fight. Mike can either agree with Jess and say Emily was being unreasonable, or he can defend Emily and tell Jess to back off, knowing that Emily is still hurting from the breakup. Jessica will then tell him that it’s not her problem and shouldn’t be Mike’s either.

Chapter 3

On the way to the cabin, you can find another set of initials carved into a tree. Jessica will make a joke about how she didn’t know he was so emotional. Mike can say that he is so sweet or try to blame it on Emily.

Chapter 4

Matt can act suspicious when Emily is hanging from the fire tower if he saw Mike and Emily hugging. He will talk to her and say that she still likes Mike. Emily will deny this. If Matt doesn’t stop, Emily will say they were just talking and be upset about how bad the timing is for this conversation.


Matt can tell her and Mike to be done, or he can be persistent. Matt will say that she slept with Mike. Matt will think she cheated on him when Emily says she was confused.

Chapter 5

Mike will run to the lodge as soon as he hears Emily scream if she makes it out of the mines alive. He will hug her as soon as he sees her, glad to see that she is still alive.

Emily, Mike, and Sam will talk about the mines and tunnels to the Sanatorium, as well as what they found, in the safe room below. Emily will also give a clue about where Josh might be because she thinks he is in the mines.


Ashley would start to worry if Emily got bitten because she might turn into a Wendigo. Emily will say it’s fine and try to defend herself, but Mike will believe Ashley and tell her to leave the room. After Mike keeps saying no, he will grab a gun out of anger.

Emily is hurt by the idea that Mike might shoot her, but Mike says that the safe room isn’t safe with her in it. Emily will beg for her life, and Mike can either shoot her in the eye or back out. Emily’s relationship with Mike will end if Ashley tells her that the bite wasn’t contagious.

Status of a Relationship

If Emily got bit, it wouldn’t matter if Mike shot her or not; their relationship would be over.

If Emily hadn’t been bitten at all, this scene wouldn’t happen, and everything between them would be fine.


If Emily got bitten, she would tell Mike that he tried to shoot her. She would say that you can date a guy for as long as you want and think you know him, but this “really takes the cake.”

Mike will say that he killed her if he was the one who shot her. He will feel bad about what he did, but he will try to explain it by saying that he really thought she was infected and that he had to stop something bad from happening.


  • They are both smart and convincing, which are two things they have in common.
  • They are the only ones who have things in common.
  • No matter what you do, they are the only ones who will break up.