Before and After Pictures of Nikki Cox’s Botched Plastic Surgery

Before and After Pictures of Nikki Cox's Wrong Plastic Surgery with Breast Implants and Botox

Nikki Cox’s plastic surgery is a good example of how freaky and bad looks can be. Because Nikki Cox’s looks have changed over the past few years, a lot of people have been suspicious. Many experts have said that her ugly appearance is definitely the result of surgery.

Nikki Cox is an American actress with a lot of fame. She is well past her early 30s. She has been on a number of TV shows. There are rumors that her looks are fake. We don’t have proof that she tried to get surgery, but her pictures are the only proof that her appearance has changed.

Did Nikki Cox get surgery to change her looks?

There have been rumors that Nikki has had more than one plastic surgery. Her old pictures show how pretty she was before she got plastic surgery.

Before and After Pictures of Nikki Cox's Botched Plastic Surgery with Breast Implants and Botox

We already know that Nikki is showing signs of aging in her 30s, but it was a bad idea for her to get plastic surgery, and you can see that from the way she looks now. What kinds of cosmetic procedures has she had?

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Nikki Cox Before & After

Nikki Cox, who has a net worth of $5 million, has changed a lot over the course of her Hollywood career. Here are some pictures of her from the past and now:

Nikki Cox Botox Injection

Botox is a treatment for getting older that is used to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. If this plastic surgery is done in the right way and in the right amount, it will make a face look younger and fresher, giving it a great look.


That’s not happening with Nikki’s face, though, because she looks unnatural and like she’s had too many injections. Her skin does get smoother and better, but again, this makes her face look frozen and messed up.

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Nikki Cox Face Fillers


Nikki got fillers injected into her face, which makes her face swell up and her smile look funny. The filler helps get rid of signs of aging and makes it fuller, but Nikki’s filler makes her look terrible.

Nikki Cox Lip Implant

If you look at pictures of Nikki from the past, you might notice that her lips look different. Yes, she has had a lip implant, but the way it was done doesn’t seem right because her lips are too big for her face and look strange.


She might be trying to make her thin lips look full and juicy, but the result is the exact opposite. Her lips look bad and swollen.

Breast Implants for Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox was also said to have had a breast implant to make her cup size bigger. When she wears a dress with an open neck, you can see that her breasts are bigger than they used to be.

What did Nikki Cox say about the rumor that she had plastic surgery?

Nikki didn’t say anything about the bad results of her plastic surgery, and she still doesn’t. The media said that she might want to keep to herself the sad story of how her plastic surgeries turned out and how they hurt her career.