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What is Delonte West Net Worth? How Did Basketball Player Build An Iconic Career?

American retired professional basketball player Delonte West. When he was younger, he was one of the highest-paid basketball players in the world. He had had a reputation as one of the worst players ever. Once upon a time, he was a flamboyant, high-flying basketball player.

As of right now, he’s a pretty down-and-out figure in the basketball world. He has reached the pinnacle of success and the pit of despair simultaneously. He once had a reputation for lavish spending, but nowadays he’s better recognized for his steady 9-to-5. Yes, Delonte West is the subject of this discussion.

Delonte West Early Life

Delonte West‘s birth date is July 26, 1983, and he was born in the nation’s capital. He participated in the first-ever state tournament for his alma mater, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, which is located in Greenbelt. They were selected as the Washington Post’s All-Met Basketball Player of the Year, and they made it to the Maryland 4A championship game.

During his time at Saint Joseph’s University, he was named the top backcourt player in the country and went on to earn his degree. Due to his hard work for the Saint Joseph’s Hawks, he was given a special invitation to the NCAA tournament.

Delonte West’s Net Worth

Name Delonte West
Net Worth (2023) $0.5 Million
Profession American former professional basketball player
Monthly Income And Salary $4,000 +
Yearly Income And Salary $40,000 +
Last Updated 2023

At one point in time, he was earning close to $10,000,000 a year and had a net worth of over $30,000,000. When he was with the Celtics, he was one of the highest-paid players in the NBA.

As a result of the divorce settlement and legal bills, he lost all of his savings. The divorce settlement cost him over $25 million, and his legal bills ate up the remainder. Former NBA player Delonte West is now worth $1,000 after hanging up his sneakers.

When it comes to elite athletes whose lives unraveled after their playing days were over, Delonte is one of the worst examples. His career earnings were estimated at over $14 million, but he was later spotted in dire straits due to drug use and other issues.

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In 2004, the Boston Celtics selected West with the 24th overall pick of the NBA draft. He was plagued by ailments and was limited to 39 games this season. The next year, in 2005, he was named the team’s starting point guard.

Due to his outstanding performance as a rookie, he will be representing the Celtics at NBA All-Star Weekend in the Rookie Challenge. Soon after, he was moved to shooting guard, where he struggled. He’s now playing point guard again.

NBA Career

In the 2004 NBA Draft, Boston selected West with the 24th overall pick. Injuries plagued his rookie year, limiting him to just 39 games. West started all 82 games at point guard for the 2005-06 season, despite being a rookie. At some point during the 2006–07 season, West took over the duties of starting at shooting guard.

But bad fortune did not favor West, as he was sent back to point guard after a shaky start. West was part of a three-team deal that sent him to the Seattle Supersonics in 2007, and then to the Cleveland Cavaliers in early 2008. A mere six days after being traded to the Cavaliers, West scored 20 points, his season-high, against the Boston Celtics.

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West signed a $12.7 million contract with the Cavaliers for three years in late 2008. The team moved West to the position of shooting guard and backup point guard. West’s emergence as an elite backcourt defender and three-point specialist raised some concerns. Eventually, West was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves by the Cavaliers, although his stint there was brief.

At the end of the 2010 season, West signed a one-year contract to serve as Rajon Rondo‘s backup with his former team, the Boston Celtics. As soon as he pleaded guilty to firearms charges, all communication stopped cold. It was in 2011 and 2012 that Delonte suited up for the Dallas Mavericks. After that, he went abroad for a while to pursue his musical career.

Personal Life

Although West provided generously for his loved ones, he found himself in financial need in 2011 and took a job at Home Depot to make ends meet. Together with his wife Caressa Madden, they welcomed twins in 2013. Speculation that West was homeless arose in 2016 when he was seen wandering the streets barefoot.

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, saw a picture of the former basketball player panhandling in 2020 and decided to help. Cuban paid for West’s rehabilitation program and provided him with a home to live in. In 2021, West was working at the rehabilitation center and living with his family again.

Later that year, he was arrested again for drunkenness at the station. According to recent reports, the ex-fan player’s base has returned to street begging. After a prosperous career in the NBA, he has now hit rock bottom.

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Financial and Personal Problems

Delonte has struggled with emotional and financial issues throughout his career while earning $14 million in salary (before taxes and fees). While the NBA went on lockout, he reportedly moved into the Mavericks’ locker room and sold off his entire collection of jewelry and several vehicles to make ends meet.

To help make costs meet, he also submitted an application for a temporary position at Home Depot around this time. Reportedly, West spent a fortune on lawyers and settlements related to his divorce and other legal battles.

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