Four Advantages of Chairs Instead of Pews


Church pews or Chairs? That is one of the most puzzling questions for most churches. For centuries, pews were the primary seating options for synagogues, churches, and other worship places. However, times are changing, and the design of churches is becoming more vital.

Newer churches prefer chairs over pews because of the extensive benefits they provide. Church chairs are more beneficial than pews. Here is a simple compilation of the top four merits of chairs over pews.

Convenience and ease of use

Two of the best benefits of replacing church pews with chairs are convenience and ease of use. In terms of use, chairs are simpler to move, spin, and utilize than pews. The ease of use reduces the chances of tear and wear.

In addition, the convenience of church chairs occurs in cost-saving, easy maintenance, and more member comfort.

Cost saving

Cost is a vital concern when choosing your church’s seating option. However, cost should balance quality. One of the best things to look forward to in church chairs is cost-effectiveness and high quality.

Unlike traditional church pews, chairs are less costly. The average cost of a chair ranges between $30-$60. On the other hand, the price of a 12-foot pew is about $750. The pricing difference indicates that chairs are more convenient for churches.

Easy maintenance

If a church pew requires maintenance, you may lose seating for about ten people at once, which is very inconvenient. On the other hand, chair maintenance can only lead to the following:

  • Easy chair replacement in case of breakage;
  • Single seat loss;
  • Less inconvenience;

Member comfort

Even though the pews are very beautiful, they offer an uncomfortable seating option to some. They can be very rigid. On the other hand, a church seat provides a better comfort alternative that church members can appreciate. Some even have ergonomic designs that help to increase comfortability.

Expanding personal space

One main benefit of pews is that it gives church members plenty of space to sit. Their primary disadvantage is the lack of personal space. Chairs offer the perfect solution to the personal space issue.

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They allow users to sit close together while protecting their personal space.

With the pandemic still looming, personal space in churches is very vital. It allows for adequate social distancing to take place. The personal space provided by chairs also plays a crucial role in preventing easy colds and flu transfer in church.

In addition, the expansion of personal space can benefit new members. Pews do not facilitate personal space, which may be unpleasant and awkward, especially for new members. Also, individuals suffering from anxiety may be uncomfortable with the pews’ lack of personal space.

On the other hand, church chairs allow each member to enjoy their personal space. You can also buy chairs with armrests to enhance your comfort levels.

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Adopt a responsible approach to the environment

Chairs can play a vital role in helping your church take a stand on environmental protection. Environmental protection is currently essential, especially with the worldwide aim of reducing global warming.

The best chair manufacturers use materials that are locally sourced and environmentally sound. In addition, the use of the best materials ensures that you will replace them less often. Thus, ensuring the adoption of a responsible approach toward the environment.

Increase flexibility

Unlike a church bench, chairs provide more flexibility. In most cases, churches anchor pews, reducing their flexibility. Moving or adding anchored pews can be costly and takes more work. On the other hand, chairs allow one to stack, move, or rotate at will.

Stacking, removing, and adding chairs is easy and less costly. The flexibility that chairs provide is invaluable. Here are the top ways the flexibility of chairs can benefit you:

  • It is simple to rearrange a space when chairs are used: For instance, the flexibility of chairs can allow you to transform your church space into a banquet area.
  • It provides more options for functional seating. Chairs ensure that your church has more options. You can move or add chairs to accommodate small or large groups.

  • The flexibility of chairs allows you to design your space as you wish. Pews are often long, with some up to 20 inches. The length reduces the flexibility of the church seat setup. When you include chairs in your church, you can arrange them as you desire. For instance, you can use them to create circular patterns or straight lines.
  • Chair flexibility allows you to stack chairs together: Stacking chairs for churches facilitates space flexibility and better storage.
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In conclusion

Unlike pews, chairs are easy to store and move, ensuring you can reconfigure a room and create more space. Also, they are very comfortable and can serve ergonomic purposes.

As you can see from above, replacing church pews with chairs can ensure you can reap several incredible benefits.

Will Beaumont
Will Beaumont
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