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What Happend to Paul Simon? Why Fans Worry About Paul Simon’s Health?

What Happend to Paul Simon?

Paul Frederic Simon, an American musician, singer, composer, and actor, was born on October 13, 1941. His career has lasted for more than six decades. He is one of the most well-known songwriters in popular music, both as a solo performer and as Art Garfunkel’s half of the folk-rock duet Simon & Garfunkel.

 Paul Frederic Simon’s Career

Simon wrote, recorded, and released more than 30 songs between 1957 and 1964. He worked with Garfunkel as Tom & Jerry on some singles, like “Our Song” and “That’s My Story.” Most of the songs Simon recorded at that time were done by himself or with other musicians besides Garfunkel.

They were put out on small record labels like Amy, Big, Hunt, King, Tribute, and Madison. He recorded these songs under different names, like “Jerry Landis,” “Paul Kane,” and “True Taylor.” By 1962, he was known as Jerry Landis and wrote and produced a lot of songs for Amy Records artists like Dotty Daniels, The Vels, and Ritchie Cordell.

As a member of the band Tico and the Triumphs, Simon had some success with singles like “Motorcycle,” which reached number 99 on the Billboard charts in 1962. Four 45s were put out by Tico and the Triumphs.

Marty Cooper, who goes by the name Tico, sang lead on a few of these releases, but Simon sang on “Motorcycle.” Also in 1962, Simon’s novelty song “The Lone Teen Ranger” reached number 97 on the pop charts under the name Jerry Landis. Both chart-topping singles came out on Amy Records.

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Should fans worry about Paul Simon’s health right now?

As of the time this article was written, neither Paul nor anyone close to him had told fans that he was sick. There are no public records of the singer having any serious illnesses, and at 81 years old, he seems to be as healthy as can be.

But that doesn’t mean Paul has never had any problems with his mental health.

In fact, Paul told Playboy in the 1980s, as reported by Express, that he was suffering from a “great depression” when Simon and Garfunkel first started touring.

“I’d say early Simon and Garfunkel,” he told the magazine more than 30 years ago. “At that point, I started to feel it. In 1966, ’67. By 1969, it was so bad that I stopped smoking dope, which is slang for marijuana. I told him, “This doesn’t help, it makes things worse.” So, for 11 years, I didn’t smoke another joint.”

Paul said, “They were very bad feelings about myself,” when he was trying to figure out what was making him sad. He then talked about the “bad news” that hurt his mental health, such as comments about his height, his singing, and how his 12-year marriage to Carrie Fisher was falling apart.

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In 2018, Paul Simon gave fans his farewell tour.

Paul decided to stop touring in 2018 when he did “Homeward Bound – The Farewell Tour.” He had done five studio albums with Simon and Garfunkel and 13 studio albums on his own. This tour was a big one that went all over North America, the UK, and Europe. It ended with a show in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in New York City, which is close to where he grew up.

Paul said on his official website about his choice to stop touring, “I’ve often wondered what it would be like to reach a point in my performing career where I’d think about calling it quits. Now that I know, it’s a little scary, a little thrilling, and a little bit of a relief.”

Continuing, he said, “I love making music, my voice is still strong, and the musicians in my band are all very good at what they do. I always think about music. I’m very thankful for a successful career and, of course, especially for the people who heard something in my music that made them feel something.”


Did Paul Simon’s farewell tour mean that he was going to stop making music? No, not really.

Even though Paul stopped touring officially in 2018, the star hasn’t been out of the spotlight for very long. IMDb says that since then, he has written music for music videos by artists like Eminem, John Mayer, and Pentatonix. Paul will also be honored by the Grammys with a special show called Homeward Bound: A GRAMMY Salute to the Songs of Paul Simon in 2022.

Garth Brooks, Sting, Susanna Hoffs, Stevie Wonder, and other big names will be at the show to honor Paul’s contributions to music over the course of his life.

Homeward Bound: A GRAMMY Salute to the Songs of Paul Simon will air on CBS and Paramount+ on December 21, 2022, at 9 p.m. EST.

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