Christina Ricci’s Plastic Surgery Before and After: Doctor or Excellent Gene, Which Was It?


After the latest version of “The Addams Family” came out on Wednesday, people have started to talk about whether or not Christina Ricci has had plastic surgery. People think that the actress got Botox, had a nose job, and had her breasts taken down. Christina Ricci hasn’t said anything about these rumors about plastic surgery yet.

American actress Christina Ricci is best known for playing strange characters with a dark side. Even though she mostly works in independent films, she has been in a number of big hits. To date, her movies have made more than US$1.4 billion. She is the well-known Wednesday Addams from the 1991 movie The Addams Family.

Christina Ricci's Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Opposite of Sex, Sleepy Hollow, Monster, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Prozac Nation, Pumpkin, Anything Else, Cursed, Penelope, Black Snake Moan, and Speed Racer are some of the movies she has been in. She has won several awards for her work. A National Board of Review Award and a Satellite Award have been given to her. She has also been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award, a Golden Globe Award, and two Primetime Emmy Awards.

In the latest version of The Addams Family, which came out on Wednesday, she played Wednesday Addams again. People are talking a lot on the internet about her plastic surgery because of how she looks in the show. Here is everything you need to know about the plastic surgery Christina Ricci had.

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The Actress Certainly Became Obsessed with The Beauty.

So, was Christina Ricci so obsessed with how she looks that she decided to have surgery? It looks like she did go under the knife to make her look better. Most people would agree that she was obsessed with her looks because she had a lot of plastic surgery to make herself look better. There are some other rumors about Christina Ricci.

Christina Ricci's Plastic Surgery Before and After

The other rumor was that Christina Ricci’s plastic surgery also included a breast reduction. It was hard to tell what was true about the rumors about her plastic surgery. But, no matter what happened with her plastic surgery, Christina Ricci has a great look all over.

Now what do you think? Where all those differences sensible to you? With all the changes and differences shown in the picture, it’s no surprise that the actress had the rumored surgery since it really did improve her look.

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Job Nose (rhinoplasty)

Ricci’s nose appears to have changed enough for the rumors to start. It looks a lot slimmer and narrower than it did a few years ago.

Christina Ricci's Plastic Surgery Before and After

Her nostrils also look a lot smaller than they did before. People in Hollywood said that she had gotten a nose job, which is a common procedure for actresses.

Breast Reduction

The pictures of Christina Ricci before and after also show what looks like a breast reduction. No one has really said whether this is true or not yet, but it’s hard to argue with what you can see in her pictures.

Christina Ricci's Plastic Surgery Before and After

Her breasts have always been a little big for her body, so maybe the idea of getting a breast reduction gave her more confidence.

Botox Injections

The area around her eyes and on her forehead looks a lot smoother, and if you look at pictures of her before and after, you can see that it looks like botox injections did it. There is no puffiness or swelling in those specific areas, which is a sign of good work.

Christina Ricci's Plastic Surgery Before and After

Christina Ricci’s plastic surgery seems to have turned out great, and her surgeon did a great job of giving her a more youthful and surprisingly natural look.

Plastic Surgery Summaries

Here is a list of all the known plastic surgeries the celebrity has had, such as a boob job or surgery on the eyelids.

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