What Happened With Matt Brown? Where Is Matt Brown live These Days?

What Happened to Matt Brown?

Who is Matt Brown?

Alaskan Bush People is a popular American docudrama-style TV show. It is about how the Brown family tries to live in the woods, away from the modern world. Matt Brown is the oldest son of the Brown family on the Alaskan Bush People show. Was 39 years old.


He has been living away from North Star Ranch and his family for a few years now, working on himself. He is trying to rethink his life and has been successful so far. Scroll down to find out what happened to ‘Alaskan Bush People’ star Matt Brown.

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What happened with Matt Brown?

In 2016, Matt went to a rehab center for alcoholism. He moved to California, and the rest of the Brown family moved to Washington at the same time. Matt got help for his addiction in California at the Betty Ford Center for Addiction.

He said at the time that he started to see himself going downhill after spending more time in Juneau, Alaska.


He said he was drinking with friends and making bad decisions. Last month, Matt shared some good news on Instagram. He said that he had been clean for 2 years. He shared a photo of him that showed him smiling. He held up the small chip, which was proof of his hard work over the past 730 days.

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Where is Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown now?

People who watched Alaskan Bush People used to see Matt on the show often. Matt could be seen at Brown Town building his own house out of tires and talking about how he wanted to live like his dad. Two women said that Matt Brown sexually assaulted them while he was on the show.


Matt and his family soon became less close, and he also said that his parents and the production company were the ones who got him hooked on drugs. After that, Matt stays away from the cameras and lives a quiet life.

What Happened to Matt Brown, Who Starred in “Alaskan Bush People”?

Matt Brown wrote on Instagram on March 21 that it was his 2nd year sober day and that he was on a mountain. Matt looked good in his picture, but he looked healthy and slim.


He told his family in December that he would be spending the holidays alone because he had gotten into another fight with one of his brothers. His siblings haven’t talked about the fights either, but many of them, like Gabe, are not ready to be close to him. Still, Matt is trying to put his life back together, and his fans say he’s doing well.