Did Sarah Hyland Get Plastic Surgery to Change Her Looks?

Did Sarah Hyland Get Plastic Surgery to Change Her Looks?

Sarah Hyland Had Plastic Surgery.

Since it was announced that she would be hosting Love Island Season 9, many of Sarah Hyland’s fans have been worried about her appearance. Hyland has denied rumors that she has had plastic surgery and instead suggested that the changes might be caused by the medicine she takes to treat her renal dysplasia.

Sarah Hyland is a well-known American actress who is known for her role as Haley Dunphy in the hit ABC comedy series Modern Family.


  • She began acting when she was four years old and has since been on stage, in movies, and on TV. She made her Broadway debut as Jackie Bouvier in a production of Grey Gardens when she was just a teenager.
  • After she did well on stage, she was asked to play different roles in movies and TV shows. Before starring in movies like Geek Charming, Struck by Lightning, Scary Movie 5, and Vampire Academy, she had small roles in movies like Private Parts and Annie. Before she joined Modern Family, she was often seen in dramas like One Life to Live and Lipstick Jungle.
  • Sarah Hyland had a hard childhood before she became a famous actress. Because of her serious health problems, she couldn’t have lived a normal life. With the help of her parents, she overcame her problems and became a successful member of the entertainment industry.
  • Sarah Hyland, who plays Cami on the hit TV show Modern Family, has denied that she has had plastic surgery, which has been widely said about her online. Please read this to find out what changed that made her look so different.

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Sarah Jane Hyland Early Life

Sarah Jane Hyland is an American singer and actress who was born on November 24, 1990. She was born in Manhattan and went to the Professional Performing Arts School. She then had small parts in the movies Private Parts (1997), Annie (1999), and Blind Date (2001). (2007).


She is best known for her role as Haley Dunphy in the ABC sitcom Modern Family (2009–2020), for which she won many awards, including four Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series and a nomination for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Hyland began hosting Love Island USA on Peacock in August 2022.

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Relationships History

After meeting in 2010, Hyland dated her co-star on Geek Charming, Matt Prokop, for four years. Hyland got a temporary restraining order against Prokop in August 2014 for physically and verbally abusing her during the four years they were together. In October of the same year, the restraining order became permanent.


From 2015 to 2017, Hyland dated Dominic Sherwood, who she worked with on Shadowhunters and Vampire Academy. Hyland started dating Wells Adams in 2017. Adams is a radio host and a former contestant on The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. The couple got engaged in July 2019.

They put off their wedding more than once. At first, they wanted to get married in August 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic made that impossible. The couple got married on August 20, 2022, at a vineyard in California. Her co-stars from the TV show Modern Family were there, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson officiated the ceremony. They live in Los Angeles at the moment.

 Did Sarah Hyland May Have Plastic Surgery?

Did Sarah Hyland Get Plastic Surgery to Change Her Looks?

Sarah Hyland (@sarahyland) is honest about having kidney dysplasia and how she is treated for it. In reality, she has already answered to rumors that she has had plastic surgery. The Geek Charming actor has been honest about her mental health problems in the past. She had a hard year and said in May that she lost weight because she had to stay in bed.

Rumors About Their Plastic  Surgery

The Internet is full of rumors that Sarah Hyland has had plastic surgery. The Modern Family star will admit that she does look different, but it’s not because of surgery. Since the 26-year-old has been acting since the late 1990s and has been playing Haley Dunphy on the hit ABC comedy since 2009, it’s not surprising that her appearance has “changed” over time.


Sarah has never said anything about rumors that she had plastic surgery, but she has spoken out against people who make fun of her thin body. She wrote on Twitter, “My situation has put me in a place where I don’t have control over how my body looks.”

“Oh, and that’s not made with Photoshop. That’s my lower body. That’s how my arms look. I’m writing this because I’ve been accused of encouraging anorexia, which is not what I want to do. So I’m here to say that nobody should try to be as heavy as I am now.”