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Chelsea Handler’s Plastic Surgery: Everything You Need to Know About the Comedian’s Change!

Chelsea Handler's Plastic Surgery: Everything You Need to Know About the Comedian's Change!

Chelsea Joy Handler (born February 25, 1975) is an American actress, writer, TV host, producer, and comedian. From 2007 to 2014, she was the host of the late-night talk show, Chelsea, Lately on the E! network. In January 2016, she released a documentary series on Netflix called Chelsea Does.  Handler was the host of the Netflix talk show Chelsea in 2016 and 2017.

Time put Handler on its annual Time 100 list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012.

Chelsea Handler’s Plastic Surgery!

Even though the rich and famous are probably the only group where surgeries are more common than anywhere else, they still carry a stigma. Many celebrities deny having had surgery, despite the fact that fans can clearly see the changes.

Others haven’t had any work done at all but have been falsely implicated as having undergone plastic surgery. Chelsea Handler, a comedian who is 47 years old, is also rumored to have undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures.

While the comedian has admitted to some of the procedures, she has also denied some of the rumors. Chelsea has allegedly undergone numerous cosmetic procedures, including Botox, Boob jobs, Facelifts, etc.

The comedian was worried that they would look saggy, which led to speculation that she had a Boob job. After talking about how girls with large breasts despise them and admitting that she had a problem with her own large breasts and constantly tried to reduce them, Chelsea was thought to have undergone breast reduction surgery.

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Even cracking a joke in response to the rumors of plastic surgery.

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In 2006, Handler started dating Ted Harbert, the former chief executive officer of Comcast who oversaw E! On January 25, 2010, Handler announced her breakup with Harbert on her late-night talk program.

In 2010, Handler joined Katie Couric, Woody Allen, Charlie Rose, Prince Andrew, and George Stephanopoulos at a dinner party hosted by American socialite and alleged sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Peggy Siegal, a publicist, extended the invitation to Handler and framed the occasion largely as a chance to dine with Prince Andrew. The gathering at Epstein’s house, according to Handler, “was just one of those crazy nights.

Rapper 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler had a brief relationship in 2011.

After dating intermittently for two years, hotelier Andre Balazs and Handler announced their split on her talk show Chelsea Lately on October 3, 2013.

Handler and comedian Jo Koy shared an official Instagram post about their relationship on September 27, 2021.

They later split up.

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The Comedian got ProFractional Laser Therapy!

Chelsea Handler, who is 47 years old, is thought to have had several kinds of plastic surgery, including Botox, a facelift, and a boob job. Fans of the comedian are worried about her health and want to know if the rumors that she had Dupuytren treatment and veneers to fix her teeth are true.

The comedian also posted a picture of herself from before she got ProFractional laser therapy to after she got it. Well, here is everything we know about the rumors that Chelsea Handler has had plastic surgery!

Rumors About Their Plastic Surgery

In the picture on the left, Chelsea Handler’s face looks red and has dark spots. This is probably right after she got treatment.

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In the after picture, the star’s skin is also much smoother, more evenly toned, and free of wrinkles and scabs.

If you’ve ever had pain in your hand or fingers and thought it wasn’t important, you might want to get a second opinion. You can get Dupuytren’s Syndrome, which makes your hands less flexible. When Chelsea Handler said on her talk show Chelsea Lately that she had Dupuytren, the disease got a lot of attention. So, it’s possible that the treatment to fix the comedian’s finger was done.

It is said that Chelsea has veneers on her teeth to make them straight. A veneer is a long-lasting way to fix a tooth’s flaws, like discoloration or a chipped edge. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or composite resin that are glued to the front of teeth with dental cement.

Chelsea Handler talks about a health scare she had and says that her cardiomyopathy is caused by stress. Chelsea Handler has talked about the health problem that sent her to the hospital. In her digital cover story for E! News, the 47-year-old comedian said that she had heart problems caused by stress.

So, in the end, Chelsea Handler was said to have had a lot of plastic surgery, some of which were true and some of which were just hoaxes fans made up based on rumors. The 47-year-old comedian looks great for her age, whether or not she had the surgery.

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