Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive? What Does it Mean?

Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

Science is still divided on the meaning of dreams, but most people accept the idea that they provide a place to do whatever they want without worrying about the consequences. When a parent, loved one, or close friend dies in your dreams while they are still physically present in your waking life, you are more likely to wake up feeling agitated, afraid, and puzzled and with a profound sense of loss.

Do consider how it will make you feel physical. You will have a hard time getting through the day after waking up feeling exhausted. Now the question is, what do these dreams mean? Have they been sent as a warning of oncoming disaster? Perhaps it’s a sign of doom? Come with us as we examine the meanings behind these dreams and the impact they may have on your life.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive?

Unfortunately, nightmares in which a loved one passes away are not unheard of.

In reality, around 80% of the population has this dream at least once during their lifetimes. Although these dreams may seem terrifying and cause anxiety, they do not always portend the death of a loved one or close friend.

Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

There are both good and bad interpretations that can be derived from having a dream about dying. The setting of the dream is critical. What is certain, though, is that dreaming of your own death either signifies the end of something or the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Something you’ve outgrown, such as a relationship or an experience.

Dreams of dying often herald a new beginning. If a mother has a dream in which she witnesses the death of her child, she may be receiving a message that she has to take more responsibility for the safety of her child. As their kids get older, some parents report having nightmares about their own deaths.

This is a signal for them to realize that their dependent offspring must grow up and find their own independence. In dreams, pent-up feelings are released, says the director of the Dream and Nightmare Laboratory at the University of Montreal.

It’s possible that your subconscious is trying to tell you something scary or unsettling if you dream that a loved one has died but they’re actually still alive in the dream.

Read More: Is Bob Seger Still Alive or Dead? What Happened To Him And Where Is He Now?dreams-about-money-2772266 You may be experiencing some tension and anxiety after the recent death of a loved one. Such dreams are a tool used by your unconscious to help you work through a difficult situation. Dreams can also provide solace, especially to those who are terminally sick.

Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

When people dream that someone they care about is dying but is actually still alive, a number of common motifs emerge. Even though we’ve already mentioned a few benefits, let’s have a look at some additional ones.

1. Fear of losing A Special Person

As was mentioned before, a dream about dying might represent a new beginning or the end of anything. Change is difficult for most people, and endings are especially painful when they include things or people we care deeply about.Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

Dreaming that a loved one has died may indicate an irrational aversion to the prospect of separation. Your heart breaks at the prospect of their passing or their abandonment. If you and your significant other recently had an argument, or you otherwise feel insecure in your relationship, you may experience this dream.

When a loved one is currently ill, the same thing occurs. Such dreams are your unconscious mind’s attempt to reflect your conscious worries and preoccupations about parting ways with a loved one without a proper goodbye.

2. A Change in Situation

Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

If you dreamt that someone you cared about died, it meant that some major shift was coming into your life. You could possibly advance in your current job, switch careers, achieve your goals, or even find a new passion. Positivity toward the transition can only help, and who knows, maybe it may lead to your ultimate success.

3. Changing Relationships

Having a dream in which a close friend, sibling, or loved one dies could be a sign that you’re ready for a relationship to shift. Alternatively, you might be anticipating a situation in which your partnership becomes less strongly anchored. People are typically hesitant to alter harmful or painful relationship habits because of the potential for negative consequences.

The act of letting go may be the most liberating one there is, yet it is also the most agonizing. Just keep in mind that if you don’t change your destructive relationship habits, you’ll be reliving the same day over and over again. Consequently, if you have such a dream, it’s time to reevaluate your limits and old ways of relating to others.

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Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

Learn to cut ties with those that pose a threat to your safety. Remember that you cannot compel anyone to do anything, much less to love you the way you want them to. To be truly free and make room in your life for new, positive relationships, you must master the art of letting go.

4. You Feel Betrayed by The Person

The possibility of feeling betrayed is another possible interpretation of your dream. Having a vision of your ex’s death could indicate that you feel deceived in some way by your former relationship in the real world.

Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

That’s the case, especially if your partner cheated on you. A sense of betrayal is amplified when you watch a loved one or close friend die and act cheerful about it. This is retribution for a wrong they committed against you in the real world.

5. Losing Control of a Part of Yourself

Dreams regarding the demise of a complete stranger might be perplexing and seemingly unconnected to anything in real life. But you shouldn’t discount such dreams because they may have secrets about your life you never knew existed.

There are various interpretations can be made of this dream.

To start, you risk losing a significant part of who you are. Second, it’s possible you’re preoccupied with shielding some aspect of yourself from the outside world. Last but not least, maybe you feel like you have no say over the course your life is taking and are unsure if you’re even heading in the right way.

Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

For whatever reason, you should take this dream as a signal to pause and reevaluate your entire life, from your professional goals to your personal relationships. Make an effort to reconnect with your inner self and recognize the bits that have faded into anonymity. If you can accomplish that, you will have taken the first step toward a more fulfilling life.

6. You Feel Control by The Dying Person

Dreaming about someone’s death is a common reaction when you feel powerless in waking life and that person has total influence over your life. That’s your mind’s method of releasing pent-up stress and anger or making a desperate plea for attention. You don’t want them physically eliminated, but you do want to be free of their control.

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7. Missing Someone

Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

Such dreams can arise when you go for a long time without seeing a close friend, loved one, or relative. Even if they’re no longer physically present in your life, their passing may represent an enduring desire to reconnect with them.

Examples of Dreams Where Someone Who Is Alive Dies

1. Dream About the Death of a Loved One

Be wary of dreaming about death. However, the one involving loved ones might leave you terribly terrified and heartbroken. It’s likely that when you wake up, you’ll interpret the dream as a warning or portent of some kind. Contrarily, a dream about a loved one’s death can represent feelings of rejection in a relationship or resistance to change.

It’s not realistic to think that such a dream portends your own imminent demise, yet there’s a meaning behind it anyway.

This makes it all the more important to find out the truth. Take some time to reflect on your connection to a loved one.

Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

Do you like it? Or have you been feeling like your love for one another has been dwindling? Do you want to break free of unhelpful routines? In any case, the dream should serve as a wake-up call and prompt you to give your relationship more thought.

2. Dream About the Death of the Parent

If you dream that your parents have died, it could be a sign that you’re about to go through a significant transition in your life. It’s natural that our parents will eventually leave us.

It’s understandable that this sort of dream could cause anxiety about being abandoned. Truth be told!

In many ways, our upbringing is heavily influenced by our parents.

We’ve been learning from a young age from them how to make it in this cruel world, and they’ve taught us everything we know. That they meet an untimely end in your dreams is your subconscious’s way of helping you cope with real-world loss, whether it be professional or personal.


Alternatively, this dream could represent regret for actions taken in the past. You will be lied to is another interpretation. The faith you placed in a parent at a young age remains unbroken. Right? You’re left feeling exposed and empty after they pass away. With no one to rely on, even those you think you can trust may end up playing you for fools.

3. Dream About the Death of a Friend

The death of a close friend in a dream portends significant shifts in your relationship with that person. The guy may have hurt you in the past, and you’d want to be free of him as a result.

Furthermore, the dream may reflect your concern for a friend who seems to have put himself into a sticky situation. But keep in mind that these nightmares may have nothing to do with your friend. On the other hand, it could be a metaphor for the importance of the self in your life.

4. Dream About Family Member Dying

Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

Dreaming that everyone in your family has died is a worrying sign that family harmony is deteriorating. Perhaps there are factors that could lead to major discord in your family. The ideal response is to recognize the looming catastrophe and issue a call to calm the situation.

Advise loved ones to put aside their differences and work toward harmony and peace.
Your fear of loss, unresolved guilt, a loss of control, or a loss of touch with your roots could all be symbolized by a dream in which a member of your family (grandfather, child, or siblings) dies.

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5. Early Morning Dreams About Death

Having a dream first thing in the morning is often a sign that good fortune and happiness are on the horizon. It was a metaphor for fresh starts, rebirth, and waking up. What, though, if the dream depicts the passing of someone dear to you?

Dreaming of Someone Dying Who Is Still Alive

Having trouble communicating with your parents is indicative of a spiritual low or a time of transition. The death of a child in a dream is a sign that you need to grow up and take life seriously.