How Did Pete Weber Former Professional Bowler Build An Iconic Career?


Former professional bowler Peter David Weber of the United States is a legend in the sport. He has been inducted into both the PBA and USBC Halls of Fame. Weber was one of the most active participants and was famous for his free spirit, cheerful demeanor, and refusal to play by the rules. Because of his strong backswing and the side rotation he gives to the bowling ball, he is also well-known for his ability to adapt to different soil conditions.

In the ten-pin bowling documentary A League of Ordinary Gentlemen, Weber is a featured player. He has won 37 titles on the PBA Tour (fourth all-time), including 10 major championships, in addition to his 13 triumphs (five majors) on the PBA50 Tour (tied for second all-time).

He won his tenth PBA Tour tournament at the age of 24, making him the youngest player to ever accomplish this feat. Pete had already won the Tournament of Champions, the U.S. Open, and the PBA National Championship, now called the PBA World Championship, by the time he was 26 years old, making him the youngest player to ever win the Triple Crown.

Pete Weber Biography

Peter David Weber, a chameleon and one of the greatest bowlers of all time, Pete Weber was born on August 21, 1962. He is, therefore, 59 years old. In the United States, his birthplace was Saint Ann, Missouri. Perhaps his most prominent occupation is that of a professional bowler on the PBA Tour.

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Pete Weber Net Worth

He has also won the U.S. Open in bowling and 37 PBA Tour titles, making him a household name. His working life dates back to the year 1980. Thus, Pete’s father influenced him to try out the sport when he was just two years old.

At fifteen he had already won a local bowling tournament and established himself as a formidable opponent. With his father’s encouragement, he joined the PBA tour right away when he was 17 years old.

Pete Weber’s Net Worth

Net Worth: $3.5 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 21, 1962 (60 years old)
Place of Birth: St. Ann
Gender: Male
Profession: Bowler
Nationality: United States of America

Pete Weber is a former PBA Tour bowler from the United States. Pete Weber’s wealth is estimated at $3.5 million. Pete won $4 million on the PBA tour during the course of his career. b Pete Weber is the son of the legendary bowler Dick Weber, so he started bowling at the tender age of two.

Pete started touring with the PBA when he was only 17 years old (even though the former policy required a minimum age of 18). Despite not taking home any hardware in his rookie campaign, he quickly established himself as a serious title contender. In 1980, he was named the PBA Rookie of the Year for his outstanding play.

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Pete Weber’s Professional Career Overview

Pete’s professional career kicked off in 1979 when he was still too young to participate in the Professional Basketball Association’s (PBA) tour. Nonetheless, Pete was able to play on the tour before he turned 18 because of his father’s influence. Pete was recognized as the Rookie of the Year despite not having won any titles in his first season.

Pete Weber Net Worth

Starting in his second year on the PBA circuit, Pete established himself as one of the greatest bowlers of all time. A total of 37 PBA Tour tournaments, including 10 major titles, went in his favor, greatly increasing his wealth.

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On the list of all-time champions, he is currently fourth, behind only Norm Duke (38), Earl Anthony (43), and Walter Ray Williams, Jr. (47).

Pete is one of only six players to ever win the PBA Triple Crown, which consists of the US Open, Tournament of Champions, and PBA National Championship.

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Pete joined the PBA50 Tour in his rookie year (2013) and went on to win the USBC Senior Masters and the PBA50 Tour’s Rookie of the Year Award.

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The next season, he once again topped the circuit in earnings, titles, and competition points, and he was elected bowler of the year. Pete has added to his wealth by winning a total of eight tournaments on the PBA50 tour, including three majors. Most recently, in 2016, he successfully defended his 2015 PBA Senior US Open title.

Personal Life

Three times is the charm for Pete Weber, who has been married three times. In 1980, at the age of eighteen, he tied the knot for the first time. He settled down with a lady named DeeDee, and the two of them went on to start a family. He abused alcohol and cocaine, which was probably the deciding factor in the divorce.

Pete Weber Net Worth

In 1997, he wed a woman named Tracy for the second time. He says she’s the finest thing that ever happened to him since she got him sober and motivated him to keep sober. They’ve raised three children together, all of whom have blessed them with grandchildren.

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Where Is He Now?

Even now, Pete Weber ranks high among the world’s best bowlers. Since 2012, he has won the U.S. Open and the Tournament of Champions at the ripe old age of 73.

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After becoming only the second player in history, he won the Suncoast PBA Senior U.S. Open in 2015.

Participated in the PBA Tour as well as the PBA50 Tour. Weber, Pete, 11-time PBA50 champion (2017). He also has the distinction of being the only bowler in history to win four straight PBA50 Tour tournaments. He has three children with his wife, Tracey Weber, and they are still married.

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