The Best CSGO Knife Skins That are Rare


Depending on your perspective, knives can be a game tool, a status symbol and, to some, it can be a business. Rare knives are very expensive and can cost up to several thousand euros.

The CSGO knives are close combat weapons that have different finishes and types.

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The finishes are just cosmetic and do not influence the game whatsoever.

We have been wondering why the prices of knives are high, but I’ve realised they are that expensive due to their rarity. The chances of getting a knife box are slim since they are rare items.

The rarest knives might be the most expensive ones in high demand due to their rarity. We must admit and agree that although the CSGO knives are expensive and extremely rare, they look amazing, adding to the game’s status and the players.

You probably have not seen any of the rarest knives in CSGO, but in this article, you’ll see them at least. And for this article, we will look at the factory’s new blades straight from the knife box or the company, not the used ones. To keep all the factors constant.

So, what are the rarest knives in CSGO? Is any knife box that can have any of the rare knives? Let’s look at some of them worthy of the title.

Butterfly Knife Mable Fade

The knife is original and beautifully made. The marble-tinted knife costs about $900 and can also go for $600. The main feature of this knife is the blade that, just as the name suggests, opens like a fan depicting a butterfly-shaped edge.

The blade is painted silver, yellow, blue and red.

Karambit Case Hardened Blue Gem

This is the rarest knife of all, as it is never seen in the game plays. The Blue Gem is by far the most expensive skin ever made since it combines two unique features; the most costly knife and the most expensive skin.

The colour scheme of the knife is of various colours, namely; gold, blue, purple and yellow. The selling point of this knife is the blue colour. This is one of those knives you can never find in a CS: GO knife box.

It is not the colour that makes the knife the most expensive but its rarity. The last time the Karambit knife was priced, the value was set at just over $1.4 million.

The M9 Bayonet Doppler (Sapphire)

The M9 Bayonet Doppler knife is adorned in cool sapphire blue skin. It has a heavy blade that reflects light. This is the most distinct feature of the Bayonet. Besides the Karambit, which is the rarest, the Bayonet is the most popular knife in the CSGO knife.

The knife’s skin, with a shiny blue colour in combination with the unique bayonet design, makes it a real gem. This variation of the Bayonet costs $2500.

Karambit Doppler (Ruby)

By now, we all know that of the most popular knives in CSGO, the Karambit is the most popular among them. The Karambit Doppler with the Ruby pattern is an extraordinary piece.

This is because the colour schemes have been replaced by the beautifully glowing Ruby, a gorgeous red colour. The Dopplers are some of the rarest knives, and the Karambit is priced over $1500.

M9 Bayonet Crimson Web

The M9 Bayonet Crimson Web is the rarest and most expensive knife in CSGO after the Karambit Case Hardened knife. It has an amazing look, and any gamer would agree that the spider web pattern on the red surface is cool.

With a knife of its rarity, it would not be easy to put an exact price tag, but you would spend well over $3000, and the StarTrak version would cost over $6000.

Damascus Steel

The knife was created from two types of carbonised steel and had a distinct appearance. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to land one of these pieces in a knife box.

Case Hardened, Steel Heating

This is one of the most special butterfly knives, with its blade heated to high temperatures. It is not as rare as the knives mentioned in this article, but its irregular functionality puts it on the list.


Due to their expensive and rare nature, you will rarely find CSGO knives in any knife boxes. However, we took a closer look at some of them.

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Which one of them caught your attention?

Will Beaumont
Will Beaumont
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