Are Ray and Caro from Love Island Still Together? ‘Love Island’ stars join ‘The Amazing Race’

Are Ray and Caro from Love Island Still Together?

You can see Caro & Ray from Love Island USA compete for the top prize tonight on The Amazing Race 33 premiere. But this season has an odd twist: The first few episodes were shot before the global pandemic began. The program resumed production this past fall.

What does this imply? There’s a chance that between when the show first began filming and when things resumed back up, Ray & Caro’s relationship suffered a significant alteration.

Did the Two Remain Together? Let’s Just Say That We Have Some Awful News.

Caro announced that she and Ray have “gone their separate ways” in a recent post on her Instagram Stories. They would not have been together when production restarted this fall because she originally revealed this a while ago.

This suggests that Ray and Caro might have had to come back to the show after their breakup if they aren’t removed in the first few episodes. In the setting of this program, this is one of the odd instances that comes to mind, but the epidemic may have caused other strange situations as well.

We’re quite interested to see how the rest of this season will turn out. Would they be able to put their differences aside and genuinely cooperate in order to win the $1,000,000 prize?

We’ve already seen the two have communication issues in the first two episodes. They acknowledged that they had different living expenses, which made it difficult for them to spend a lot of time together. Many couples find The Amazing Race to be a true test, especially those who have only recently become partners.

Are Caro Viehweg and Ray Gantt still dating?

Ray may have been Caro’s knight in shining armor when he entered the villa, but when they got back to the real world, they were accused of cheating. Ray and Caro got third place overall and stayed together longer than any of their other castmates. They were set to compete on The Amazing Race. 


Unfortunately, they broke up when filming was put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic. Caro talked about the breakup in a July 2020 YouTube vlog, saying that she had more invested in the relationship than Ray.

Following their breakup, Ray was cast for Ex on the Beach, where it was implied that he cheated on Caro at the end of their relationship with his ex-girlfriend Nicole. The pair spoke to Distractify separately, and the timeline of their rocky relationship was not the same. Ray claimed they broke up before filming The Amazing Race, while Caro said she dumped him after.

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They Got Together After Meeting on “Love Island.”

Caro was the first person to arrive on “Love Island.” She met Cashel Barnett and they started dating. But they realized quickly that they weren’t meant to be together, and Cashel went on to date Kyra Green.


Then Ray joined the competition, and that’s when Caro knew she had finally found her soulmate. They got along right away and spent some private time together. Even though they made it to the end of the show, they didn’t win. They didn’t win, but they promised each other that they would keep seeing each other after the show. They stuck to their promise and kept getting together.

They decided to work together on Season 33 of “The Amazing Race” and put their relationship to the test once more. But the most important question is whether or not they are still together.

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Caro and Ray broke up after Season 33 of “The Amazing Race.”

After filming some of the earlier episodes of the CBS reality show, Caro and Ray had to break up. In July 2020, Caro posted a video to YouTube about the breakup. She said in the video, “We’re no longer dating.


It’s sad because I want to make it clear that I gave this relationship my all, and I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus. I don’t want my business to be everyone’s business, but since this is a YouTube video, I guess it is.”

She also said that Ray wasn’t as “committed” to the relationship as she was, which is why she chose to end things with him. The two also got rid of each other’s photos from their social media accounts. Ray, on the other hand, thought that his social life was getting better after he was on the show, which made Caro feel bad.