Before and After Pictures of Jaclyn Smith’s Plastic Surgery: What Does The Actress Look Like Now?


Most people know Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett from the hit TV show “Charlie’s Angels.” She is known for how pretty she is. There have been rumors that, as she has gotten older, she has had plastic surgery on her face to keep it looking young.

Smith is almost 70, but she looks a lot younger than her age.

Did she get older in a natural way, or did she get plastic surgery like other famous people to look younger?

In the past, the actress’s skin was perfect. She was very pretty, and her skin was smooth to match.

At the height of her popularity, her face was naturally round and pink. Her lips were full, but they didn’t take over her face. They were just the right size. Now, she looks very different. Smith is still a very pretty woman, but it’s clear that she’s had work done on her face.

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Check out Jaclyn Smith’s photos now in 2022, after she had plastic surgery. The Charlie’s Angels Star Doesn’t Look Her Age Even Today!

People think that Jaclyn Smith (@realjaclynsmith) has had Botox, facial fillers, and a facelift, among other procedures.

If you look at pictures of Jaclyn Smith from the 1990s and compare them to pictures of her now, you won’t see much of a difference. This is because the actress has kept her age-defying looks, which are simply stunning and so beautiful that they have led to rumors of plastic surgery.

Before and After Pictures of Jaclyn Smith's Plastic Surgery

  • People don’t believe Jaclyn Smith when she says she hasn’t had major plastic surgery because she doesn’t look her age. Her fans think that the work she’s done may not be obvious, but she’s still had work done, and her looks can’t be all because she’s healthy and stuff.
  • The star of Charlie’s Angels is stunningly beautiful, and her skin is so smooth and clear. When she was young, her face was very pink, and her lips were the perfect size and shape. And if you look at her pictures now, there is a small difference that can’t be missed if you want to figure out if she’s had plastic surgery.
  • It looks like Jaclyn Smith has had some plastic surgery now and then. She looks like she had Botox injected into her forehead and face because she has no wrinkles or lines at all, which is impossible for someone her age. However, her cheeks and forehead are smooth and toned and have a waxy feel, which is a sign that she has had Botox. But she hasn’t had too many injections and doesn’t look like she’s frozen. She can still smile.
  • And it looks like Jaclyn Smith’s lips, chin, and cheeks have also been filled with fillers. That could explain why her lips look so full even though they should be getting thinner because of her age. She doesn’t have hollow cheeks and a sagging chin, either. So, fillers must have been put into her chin, cheeks, and lips.
  • Also, Jaclyn Smith could have had another plastic surgery, a facelift, to keep her skin from sagging, which happens as people get older. She also looks like she had her eyes lifted because her eyelids haven’t sagged at all and are in the same place they were when she was younger.
  • When fans look at old pictures of Jaclyn Smith and compare them to pictures of her now, they think she has had these things done. But she hasn’t confirmed any of these rumors, and she’s stuck to her claim that she hasn’t had any major plastic surgery.
  • She said that the reason she looks so young is because she doesn’t drink or smoke and uses face peels and lasers to make her skin look younger.

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Facial fillers

Smith’s lips, chin, and cheeks look like they’ve been filled out with facial fillers. This would explain why, even though she is almost 70, her lips still look full. She has lips that look like they did when she was younger.

Before and After Pictures of Jaclyn Smith's Plastic Surgery

Around her chin and lips, the actress doesn’t seem to have any lines or wrinkles. Smith’s chin, cheeks, and lips show that she got injections. For a woman her age, Jaclyn Smith’s chin and cheeks look full.


Most women her age would have skin that hangs down. She might have had a facelift, from the way she looks. With a facelift, your skin won’t sag. Smith doesn’t look like she needs a facelift because her skin isn’t loose.

Before and After Pictures of Jaclyn Smith's Plastic Surgery

It looks like she’s also had her eyes done. As you get older, your eyelids tend to droop, but the “Charlie’s Angels” star’s eyes look like they are in the same place as when she was younger.


Smith’s forehead and face look like they have been injected with Botox. You can tell she has had Botox because her face is smooth and toned. Her face doesn’t have any wrinkles. Her face also shows that she is calm. She also doesn’t have any lines on her forehead. Most people her age have lines and wrinkles on their faces, but she doesn’t.

Before and After Pictures of Jaclyn Smith's Plastic Surgery

Either she is very lucky or she has had Botox injections. The actress didn’t get too many injections like some other famous people do. She doesn’t look like she’s frozen like some people do after getting Botox injections.

One of the few famous people who hasn’t had too much plastic surgery is Jaclyn Smith. Her appearance has changed, but she didn’t mess up her face. She is still a very pretty woman who looks great for her age. Hope she doesn’t give in to Hollywood’s idea of what’s beautiful and get too much plastic surgery.

Summary of Plastic Surgery

Here is a list of all the known plastic surgeries the celebrity has had, from the more common ones like boob jobs to the less common ones like eyelid surgery:

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