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Ultraman Anime Season 3 Release Date: Is It Going To Release in 2023?

Netflix just premiered the second season of the Ultraman anime after a three-year hiatus. Ultraman will return for a third and final season in 2023, but Netflix has already confirmed the renewal of the anime.

Based on the manga by Eiichi Shimizu and illustrated by Tomohiro Shimoguchi, Ultraman is a Netflix Original series. It’s possible that other Tokusatsu-style series like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and VR Troopers wouldn’t exist if not for the Ultraman franchise.

The once-famous “Giant of Light” is now only a myth, thought to have long since left Earth for another planet. Unfortunately, Shinjiro Hayata, his son, finds out about his dad’s secret and assumes the identity of Ultraman for himself.

Ultraman Season 3 Release Date

There may not be a specific date specified in the tweet, but it does confirm that Season 3 of Ultraman will premiere in 2023. However, based on the seasonality of prior releases, we may safely assume that it will be available in the spring of 2023.

There has been speculation that the time between seasons two and three will be shorter than the time between seasons one and two, and the announcement’s timing seems to support this. All we know is that it will be sometime in 2023 when the show returns. A specific timeframe within that year has not yet been decided upon.

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Ultraman Season 3 Plot

In the second season finale of Ultraman, titled “ULTRAMAN No.6,” Hokuto abducts Shinjiro and takes him to Shin s’ jail, where the two eventually free Shin and set out to battle Pedant. However, Pedant is wreaking havoc on Japan by leveling cities like the Golden Fortress. Kotaro, Jack, and Moroboshi establish a team and immediately set to work.

While Jack goes after the nuclear reactor, Moroboshi disables the armor so Kotaro can get through. After surviving the blast, Jack begins clearing a path for Shin and Shinjiro to get away. Jack is interrupted by another goon, but he orders Kotaro to continue with the plan by eliminating the nuclear reactor powering the Golden Fortress.

Unpredictable Kotaro destroys the nuclear reactor, yet it has no effect on Pedant. However, Shin, Shinjiro, and Bemular use their space beams to put Pedant to the sword. At the episode’s conclusion, everyone from Earth had made it back to the stadium. As the manga series Ultraman finished with Chapter 70 of Volume 11, Season 3 will presumably pick up just where Season 2 left off.

When the pedants are finally vanquished, it will set in motion a series of events that will see our heroes return to face an even more formidable foe. Jack and Bemular’s secret may be revealed, and the organization may get some new members. After many disclosures, the series will also try to determine whether Ultraman is a hero or a villain.

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Ultraman Season 3 Cast, Character, and Crew

Both Kenji Kamiyama and Shinji Aramaki directed episodes in the first season of Ultraman. In Ultraman Season 2, Hiroki Uchiyama assumed control of the duo. The director of Ultraman Season 3 has not yet been announced on Netflix.

Masaki Yamada is responsible for creating the look of the characters, and Kazuma Jinnouchi scores the game. Production I.G. and Sola Digital Arts work together to create animated content. The whole roster of Ultraman’s voice actors and their roles can be found here:

 Shinjiro Hayata Ryohei Kimura
 Yapool Akio Nojima
 Yosuke Endo Eiji Hanawa
 Shin Hayata Hideyuki Tanaka
 Ace Killer Hiroaki Hirata
 Bemlar Kaiji Soze
 Mitsuhiro Ide Ken Uo
 Adad Kenjiro Tsuda
 Seiji Hokuto Megumi Han
 Jack Ryōta Takeuchi
 Edo Shigeru Ushiyama
 Rena Sayama Sumire Morohoshi
 Dan Moroboshi Takuya Eguchi
 Robuton Hiroki Matsukawa
 Mr. Maru Jin Urayama

Ultraman Manga Catchup

The Ultraman manga was created by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi. Starting on November 1, 2011, it ran in Monthly Hero magazine until October 30, 2022. The Ultraman manga has been updated on the Complex website since November 27 of 2022.

There are already 18 volumes of this manga, with the most recent volume hitting shelves on April 5, 2022. Over 2.8 million copies of the Ultraman manga have been sold as of 2018. Manga adaptation of Ultraman has a 7.1 average score out of 10 and a rating of #5723 on MyAnimeList, which boasts over 4,000 readers.

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Ultraman Season 3 Teaser

The limited availability of manga is the only obstacle to the production of Ultraman Season 3. Some fans of the anime speculate that the reason the second season was so short—just six episodes—was so that the manga could be broken up into bite-sized chunks. The official statement regarding the future of Ultraman is included in the video embedded below.

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