Dorothy Jo Gideon Cause of Death: What Happened To Bob Barker’s Wife?

Dorothy Jo Gideon Net Worth

TV host Bob Gideon’s famous wife Dorothy Jo Gideon is a household name. After her famous husband’s death in 1981, Dorothy became a public figure. Bob Barker is a famous comedian, and his wife’s name is Dorothy. Popular American game show host and novelist Bob Barker.

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Tob Price is Right is the name of the game show that Bob is famous for presenting.

It’s not often that a TV star receives a Walk of Fame Award, but Bob is one of the few to receive this distinction. Upon reaching age 65, Barker decided to call it quits. Even Dorothy Jo Gideon had a career in the top showbiz world. Dorothy provided background vocals and sang for various commercials.

Dorothy appeared on several game programs, including It’s Your Bet and Tattletales. Dorothy was also a staunch advocate for the rights of all animals. Dorothy opposed Bob’s harshness toward animals for human advantage and fought for their protection. Bob’s wife Dorothy is described by her husband Bob as “an aBobad of Bobr time.”

Dorothy Jo Gideon Biography

On this day in 1924 (February 25), Dorothy Jo Gideon entered the world. Dorothy was born in the American city of Springfield, Missouri. As of 2022, Dorothy has reached the ripe old age of 98. Jack Oliver Gideon (Mother) and Dorothy L Evans Gideon had Gideon as a daughter (Mother).


Until now, Dorothy has been silent about Bob’s academic history. Similar difficulties may have been encountered by Dorothy Jo Gideon. Dorothy Jo Gideon is one of those persons that will be remembered long after they are gone, and she will remain in our hearts and minds as long as we live.

Dorothy Jo Gideon Cause of Death

If we maintain a healthy lifestyle, we may be able to extend our lifespan. However, not everyone can benefit from this because of their jobs and schedules.

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The need of maintaining good health increases as we age because our bodies get more restless. One can pass away due to illness, an accident, or even by their own hand.

It’s surprising that even young toddlers can contract a wide range of ailments today. Recently, there has been a spate of celebrity deaths. One of them is the famous actor’s wife Dorothy Jo Gideon.

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She entered the world on 25 February 1924 and went on to achieve great success in her career.


However, she is no longer here. According to the Celebsbioz, Dorothy Jo Gideon did indeed pass away on October 19th, 1981. The most popular question asked by Dorothy Jo Gideon’s admirers is how she passed away. Dorothy Jo Gideon’s cause of death was ultimately determined to be lung cancer after extensive research.

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How Did Dorothy Jo Gideon Die?

To recap, Dorothy Jo Gideon passed away from lung cancer. The news has caused concern among her devotees. Numerous famous people have expressed their sorrow to the family of the deceased. Dead at 67 was Dorothy Jo Gideon.

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Dorothy Jo Gideon Cause of Death

Her unexpected passing came as a shock to everyone. On the other hand, everything is in God’s hands. Below is a brief biography of Dorothy Jo Gideon that you can use to learn more about the famous person’s spouse.

Dorothy Jo Gideon Obituary

Many individuals, upon hearing about Dorothy Jo Gideon’s death, immediately went online to look for her obituary and the details of her passing. After hearing of Dorothy Jo Gideon’s passing, many are curious as to the circumstances surrounding her passing.

A lot of people have been surfing the web for news of Dorothy Jo Gideon’s death lately.

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The internet frequently spreads false information, such as the death of a person who is actually alive and well.


Dorothy Jo Gideon’s obituary is published here with accurate details, and we were able to locate a few threads on Twitter commemorating her life. Cancer in Dorothy Jo Gideon’s lungs was the cause of her death. Those who counted on this genius’s killings will be sad to see her go.

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Dorothy Jo Gideon Professional life

Like her spouse, Dorothy had a job in show business. She sang jingles and did voiceover work. Among the game shows she has been a part of our It’s Your Bet and Tattletales. Animal rights were another cause dear to Dorothy’s heart. She advocated strongly for the rights of animals and strongly rejected any use of them for human gain.

“She was ahead of her time,” Bob, her husband, adds. And even back then, she gave up meat and fur. In addition, she persuaded Bob to become a proponent of animal rights. Gideon and his late spouse, Bob, had been together since they were teenagers. During their first date, Bob took Dorothy Jo to an Ella Fitzgerald concert in Missouri.

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Their love story, which began when she was only 15 years old, has only grown stronger with time. Dorothy was stuck at Bob’s side through the whole ordeal. On January 12, 1945, the couple married in a ceremonial ceremony. Gideon’s death ended their happy 36-year marriage. However, they were childless.