Are Paige De Sorbo and Craig Conover Still Dating? Considering Everything that Has Happened


People who watch Southern Charm want to know if 33-year-old Craig Conover and 29-year-old Paige DeSorbo are still together when season 8 airs in 2022. The eighth season of the show started on June 23, and it brought back a lot of familiar faces as well as some new ones. Since the show’s first season in 2014, Craig has been a part of the cast.

The cast of the Bravo show is known for running into each other and having to talk to their ex-partners at events. So, most of the cast has been through some kind of relationship trouble before. Fans want to know more about Craig and Paige’s relationship than they do about any other couple on the show in 2022.

In Season 2 of “Winter House,” Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover might have trouble in paradise.

Paige and Craig have been together for a long time, but they have spent most of it miles apart. This has made their love grow stronger. In this season of Winter House, they tried living together for the first time. However, things quickly went wrong after Craig had a fight with his co-star Luke Gulbranson.

When Craig said that Luke was getting too close to his girlfriend, things went south between them.

Are Paige De Sorbo and Craig Conover Still Dating?

After they got into a fight, Craig’s co-stars questioned his behavior. Well, everyone but Paige, said she had nothing to do with what happened.

In the Winter House episode that aired on Thursday, Oct. 28, she told Amanda a secret. Paige says that Craig is “sensitive” and “likes to be treated like a baby,” so she has to treat him gently. But do they still go out together? Find out by reading on!

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Why did Craig and Naomie break up?

Fans of the first season of Southern Charm will remember that Naomie Olindo and Craig used to be a couple.

They moved in together, he gave her a promise ring, and it seemed like they were going to be together for a long time.

Are Paige De Sorbo and Craig Conover Still Dating?

But Craig and Naomie broke up in 2017. They went out for about three years after meeting at the College of Charleston.

NO WAY! Who is Naomie’s ex-boyfriend on Southern Charm while she and Craig try to live together?

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When did Craig and Paige meet?

Craig met Paige in 2019 while making another Bravo show, Summer House. This was years after he broke up with Naomie.

Are Paige De Sorbo and Craig Conover Still Dating?

They didn’t become friends until they worked together on the movie Winter House. The show’s first season aired in 2021. When they first met, they were both seeing other people, but in October 2021, People says, they decided to make their relationship official.

After a few months, in December 2021, they made it official on Instagram.

Do Craig and Paige still have a relationship?

People who watch Southern Charm on Bravo may wonder in 2022 if Craig and Paige are still together and how they handle their relationship.

Are Paige De Sorbo and Craig Conover Still Dating?

Naomie, Craig’s ex-girlfriend, is friends with Craig, which has made things awkward for the three of them. Fans on Twitter have taken note of this.

As of August 2022, Craig and Paige are still together. People says the two “…are looking forward to a future together.”

Page Six said at the end of June that Craig and Paige were dating from far away, but that they were making it work.


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