Bullbuster Anime Release Date: Is It Going To Release in 2023?

Bullbuster Anime Release Date

Bullbuster, a TV anime adaption based on a dispute, will soon premiere. The series’ intriguing premise is a plus. Followers’ nerves will be on edge the whole time. There is an AI component to Bullbuster Anime.

For young adults in the workforce, this anime may also feel quite authentic. In the future, Bullbuster could also be adapted into manga, doujinshi, and live-action. Interested in learning more about it? Those curious about learning more should read on.

Additional media including manga, doujinshi, and even live-action adaptations of Bullbuster are possible. The Bullbuster anime series debuted as a manga. This is an initiative centered on robot “heroes.” This next anime series is part of its recent expansion. Let’s jump right in and start talking!

Bullbuster Anime Release Date

No spoilers, just the schedule for the show’s broadcast. There’s a chance that fans will have to wait longer for a firm release date. The release of the Bullbuster anime is scheduled for 2023, per Kadokawa. Although exact times have not been announced.

Bullbuster Anime Release Date

Any new information or announcements will be posted here as soon as they become available. In the meantime, how eager are you to watch this new anime? The moment new information becomes available, we will add it to this section.

Thus, come back to this spot frequently to learn the most recent information. Takahisa Katagiri, who is responsible for the design, will draw inspiration from Kubonouchi’s work. For Bullbuster Anime, the role of the mechanical artist has been cast upon Junji Okubo. Cast members have also been revealed for the next TV show.


Asami Seto and Yuki Takada will be among the cast members. There will also be Shinichiro Miki and Shoya Chiba in the cast. In addition, Ken Uo and Taiten Kusunoki are featured in the anime as well. You’ll have to read on to find out what happens.

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Cast and Staff

Studio NUT’s Hiroyasu Aoki is directing the anime. Additionally, he is in charge of writing the screenplays for the shows. Eisaku Kubonuouchi’s concepts are being animated thanks to the efforts of Takahisa Katagiri.

In addition to leading the animation department, he also serves as director. The mecha was created by Juki Izumo. It was conceptualized and created by P.I.C.S. and the film’s director, Hiroyuki Nakao. Among the anime’s main characters are:


Character Character Voice Other Works
Tetsuro Okino Shoya Chiba Kiyotaka in Classroom of the Elite
Arumi Nikaido Asami Seto Raphtalia in The Rising of the Shield Hero
Koji Tajima Shinichiro Miki Lockon Stratos in MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00
Miyuki Shirogane Yuki Takada Aoba Suzukaze in NEW GAME!
Kintaro Kataoka Ken Uo Mitsuhiro Ide in Ultraman
Ginnosuke Muto Taiten Kusunoki Brawler in Akudama Drive

Bullbuster Anime Plot Details

The show’s premise was laid forth on Kadokawa’s page. According to the plot summary, Tetsurou Okino plays the lead role in the Bullbuster anime. He is a young engineer that Hato Industries has employed.

This firm specializes in rodent extermination. We also learn that he is bringing Bullbuster with him. He even built his own robot, and he calls it Bullbuster.

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Hato Industries is a small company with limited resources.

Bullbuster Anime Release Date

Tajima, the company’s president, and his staff are also fighting a monster. The name “Kyoju” has been reserved for this mysterious beast. The corporation is thus caught between the rising price of robot fuel and the rising price of human labor.

Further, it is not permissible to waste even a single shot.

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How will Hato Industries and Tetsurou decide whether to eradicate a species or weather the financial storm? Only after the show airs will we know the answers.

Bullbuster Anime Official Trailer

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The Bullbuster venture began as an idea for a book to be distributed at the 2017 COMITIA conference. In October 2018, author Hiroyuki Nakao began penning his novel on the Kakuyomu website. Both the first and second volumes were released by Kadokawa in December 2018 and September 2019, respectively.

Including artwork by Kubonouchi. The anime series Bullbuster features a robot hero and is part of a larger multimedia effort. A riveting viewing experience awaits! Do you feel energized by this? Leave your opinions in the comments.